Mighty Life List
Sep 5 2006

New World

P-Touched: A person who takes organization to such extremes that it comes off as a little mental.

5 Responses to “New World”

  • Velma Says:

    Totally perfect. I once incurred my BIL’s wrath by giving my sister a label maker. P-Touched is exactly the way I would describe the behavior that followed the arrival of my gift.

  • braine Says:

    As someone who currently has on his desk: 1) David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” 2) the Brother P-Touch “Handy” 3) A folder labeled “AMR IMPS 0506” and 4) a laptop displaying your most recent post — let me delurk to say that…umm, I clearly need help?

  • Jamie Says:

    I, for one, love the way that it sounds sort of porny — like someone has been touched inappropriately by a wanton label maker. “P-Touched for the very first TIME…” Can’t you just hear it?

    I may, or may not, be one of those people in a more-than-like relationship with their label printer. I’m just sayin’.

  • RJ Says:

    For a long time my rapper name was Brother P-Touch: THE P STANDS FOR PIMP.

  • Sarah Says:

    P-Shaw; n. : The idea that I could ever be so organized that it would be a problem. It’s 2:15pm and I’m still in my pjs.