Mighty Life List
Dec 23 2005

Santarchy Pub Crawl

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Later that night, I dreamt that, no matter how many times I asked, the waitress would not bring my iced tea and large orange juice.

Dec 21 2005

Living Vicariously

Tara Reid Boob Slip Costumes
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Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this year I was out of country. Some friends of mine were looking for a funny topical costume, and I suggested that they go as Boob-Slip Tara Reid. Lori just sent me the photos.

Dec 19 2005

Mad Gift Guides

In case you haven’t been reading Mighty Goods lately, this month has been a out of control. I posted a luxury gift guide, a prudent gift guide, and just put up my 2006 calendar guide. You can see them all by viewing the December archives, and you’ll also find them in article format over at The Morning News.

Happy panic shopping.

Dec 12 2005

Let it Snow, Elsewhere

I just had my very first experience with inconvenient snow. For the record, I’m against it. I like my snow on the ground. It can be pleasant to watch snow falling, but only when I am inside, in front of a picture window, snug in my flannel PJs (preferably with access to a mug of coco and a plate of warm cookies).

Places I do not like snow include: on my glasses, in my eyes, under my scarf, in my ears, in the driveway, on the sidewalk, on my car seat, and up my nose. These places, it turns out, are snow’s very favorite places to settle.

When Bryan says that we could never live anywhere that has real winters–because I would fall over dead in the street–I always bristle. I mean, what am I? Some anemic hothouse flower that withers at the first chill breeze? Some featherless baby bird?

Yes, dear readers, yes I am. I would probably faint if you looked at me coldly. I plan to spend the rest of my days anywhere that has only two seasons: Summer and Almost Summer. They have Pina Coladas there.

Dec 8 2005

My Kind of Town

I’m in Chicago, and it is not warm here. When we deplaned, my teeth tried retreat into my gums for warmth. Now I know why so many fur activists seem to live in California.

Our hotel room has a sign for the door that says I’m sleeping, or working on my flying machine! I never thought a Do Not Disturb sign would make me feel inadequate for napping.

Dec 5 2005

Overheard: Now you Behave

My friend Courtney sent me a conversation. She says:

I was on my way back to the apartment this morning after moving the car and saw a woman dropping her 6-ish-year-old girl off at the bus. I thought you would appreciate their exchange:

“Now, you behave today. You got a problem, you talk to the teacher. No gettin’ in any fights.”


“And no talkin’ back!”


“And no hittin’ anybody…”


“less they hit you first.”

Dec 1 2005


It is 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, and the shirtless young man on the corner is high. He is wearing headphones and jerking rhythmically to the music. As we pass, he reaches into his pockets and pulls out change. He throws it into the street, and yells, Pennies, begone!