Mighty Life List
Mar 29 2005


-Look! Showgirls… of Magic!

-There’s a dove coming out of her boob.

-We’re so going to see that.

Mar 25 2005

Self Medicating

I feel like glahr. Gllaaaahhhhr. I got sick before I left for Utah, and oddly, a week of hiking and 3a.m. girl-talk sessions kind of made me feel worse. Now my phlegm is abundant and green. I fear that it’s a new phlegm-based life form that can draw energy from the sun and overtake the earth. The trip was totally worth it though.

Tomorrow we’re off to Vegas, because I hear Ann Margaret has restorative powers. Actually, it’s because Bryan is turning 36. (Happy birthday, baby!) So if you notice a mound of green ooze blocking out the sun, that’s because weak margaritas, second-hand smoke, and the taint of despair aren’t good for my cold either. Sorry about that.

Mar 21 2005

Better Than One

Originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

Heather and Heather have been battling it out in the Google rankings for some time now.

HC: I think you’re the top Heather right now.

HA: I am?

HC: Yep. It’s you, then me. I’m happy as long as we keep the porn stars out of the top slot.

Mar 19 2005

Fun With Flickr Groups

This is good for licking.

Mar 19 2005

Remember That one Time?

I am sunburned. Heather thinks my Salt Lake City flask is scandalous. You can see the trip photos thus far on my Flickr feed at Maggie Mason. Heather and Heather have photos up as well.

Mar 17 2005

So Excited!

Heather and I are headed to Utah for a much-needed girl vacation. It may be the first time anyone has ever flown into Salt Lake City to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. See you in a bit.

Mar 17 2005

Very Berry

We head out for an after-work drink at a martini bar that keeps a slushy machine full of vodka mix. Bryan brings us Very Berry Martinis.

Me: Whoa. That’s strong.

Rachel: And sweet.

Me: Just like I like my men.

Rachel: Strong and sweet.

Me: And fruity.