Mighty Life List
Oct 25 2004


Scenario: The best parts of a conversation overheard in Starbucks. An older Indian consultant reviews his findings with a younger man who is a manager. The older man talks very loudly, and the younger man nods.

“You need to spend more time with your employees. You have to go to this wheel spinning class everyone is attending, know what the buzz is about. Pay more attention. Otherwise, you will get sunk! You will look a fool.”

“This guy, he is a very mature guy. You say, “these are the parameters, this is when I need this,” and it is done. He is measured; he thinks things through. There is one obstacle to our success. It is called haste. And haste, as we all know, is waste.”

Oct 21 2004

It’s my Birthday!

I’ll be the one with icing on my face.

Oct 20 2004

Pugs: a List

  • Churchill
  • Prunella
  • Smooie
  • Aubergine
  • Rosebud
  • Remington
Oct 19 2004

Reader, I Married Him

Him: She just wants to be loved.

Me: Everybody wants to be loved.

Him: I want to be feared.

Me: Good to know.

Oct 18 2004


This weekend, I actually paid to see the new Jennifer Lopez movie, and then snuck into the Hillary Duff movie (which is surprisingly easy when you and all of your cohorts have been old enough to drink for a decade or so).

The first movie made my brain all gummy and warm. Half way through the second movie, little bits of my grey matter had liquified and begun to slip silently from my ears.

Oct 12 2004

Happy Anniversary

Me: I feel cute today.

Him: Yeah.

Me: Please supply commentary.

Him: Baby, you look so cute today!

Me: Thanks! You look cute today too.

Him: Thanks!


Me: I like being married to you.

Oct 7 2004

New York Times Article

A few days ago, I talked to Michelle Slatalla, an online shopping journalist for the New York Times. We had a very pleasant conversation on Fall trends, and you can read the article here.