Six Years of Lovely, Sold!

I have something nice to tell you.

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned selling the shopping sites? Well, today I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve found them a very good home with Staircase Ventures — a small company run by fellow online shoppers.

I wanted to do right by those of you who have read and supported Mighty Goods, Haus and Junior through the years, so I’ve been working with the crew from Staircase Ventures to transition everything. They’ve been posting on Mighty Goods for the past couple weeks, so go have a look at their handiwork.

The current plan is to keep the sites humming along with a small team of writers who have the time and resources to make everything better. Selling Mighty Goods and the sister sites was such a difficult decision, but I want space for all of us to work on our life lists as a community, and now I have time to figure out how. As of today, I’m officially a person who has sold a business, and though that’s not on my life list, it’s a big effing deal, my friends.

Thanks to all of you who contacted me about buying Mighty Goods, or just to tell me how much you’ve loved shopping with me over the years. You guys are awesome.