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Whoa. Thank You!

29th August 2012

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. — Aesop | Mighty Girl

Yesterday, as part of Shot@Life’s Blogust campaign, I asked you to tell us the nicest thing anyone had ever done for you in the comments.

When the post went live, with three days left in the campaign, we were about 1,000 comments away from our final goal of 10,000 comments. Not only did you guys spread the word, you came through with all 1,000 of those comments, and the acts of kindness you shared were so inspiring.

I have on my Life List that I’d like to get in the habit of grand loving gestures, but all of you reminded me that it’s often our smallest words and acts that sustain each other. We’re busy collecting favorite stories over here, from the grandfather who held a paper route to help his grandchildren through college to the boy who told a self-conscious teenager she looked pretty one day, so look for that post soon.

For now, I’m passing the baton to my friend Stacey Ferguson of Justice Fergie, so please head over to celebrate with her. Even though Team Blogust — and everyone who has commented on or participated in this campaign — has reached our goal, it never hurts to do a victory lap.

Image courtesy United Nations Foundation.