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5th November 2008

Four years ago, Bryan and I were in Boston listening to Senator Kerry’s concession speech. We put a lot into that election, and losing was rough. It’s only gotten more difficult since Katrina and the recent economic meltdown.

I was touched by Senator McCain’s concession speech last night. For too long, our politicians have been focused on winning at any cost, even at the expense of the very ideals that inspired them to lead. McCain’s grace and humility in the face of defeat was a reminder that winning can’t confer honor, and defeat needn’t diminish us.

So much has changed for me and Bryan since 2004, and so much has changed for our nation. But the post I wrote coming home from Boston that year is still true for me.

To my fellow U.S. citizens, however you voted, I know you only want the best for your family, and for your country. And no matter what your political affiliation, you and I are still on the same team.

Go America.

Election Schwag

29th September 2008

So I’ve been working on this Presidential Election ’08 Schwag feature over at Mighty Goods, and I’m gleeful about all the weird stuff you can get. McCain Condoms, Obama nesting dolls, candidates carved in soap, and so on.

The Palin schwag, especially, is off the charts. There are a few that didn’t make the cut, but were still interesting enough to note.

I found a few voodoo doll options, but only for Palin. I’m actually surprised candidate voodoo dolls aren’t more widely available.

This button wins for best slogan.

Also, there’s this Cafepress shirt. Which I think is supposed to be supportive?

And you must explore all the awesomely confusing Etsy art Palin has inspired. Including this piece, entitled “Sarah Palin Triclops.”

If you’ve seen anything exceptional that I missed, pony up in the comments.