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8th February 2001

Megnut on the urge to bite:

“Sylvia gave me some nice wine glasses for my birthday. They’re very thin and delicate,
with elegant slender stems and a simple, clean design. And I wonder as I sip from
one, tasting its thinness through my lips and my tongue, what would happen if I were
to bite? What if I were to bite down on this thin slender elegant curve of glass? Would
it cut my tongue and my lips, blurring blood and wine? Would I swallow glass or get
shards embedded in my gums? Or would it simply break into a million little diamonds,
little elegant hand-blown diamonds which would stud my tongue, beguiling people as I

2:14 p.m.

A friend soundly rejects my “can’t hang out” excuse:

That’s why? That’s so, ‘I have to wash my hair.’ It’s like, ‘Yeeeah. I’d love to but, you know what happened to me today? I was paralyzed. Shoot.'”

9:48 a.m.