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CES Roundup

26th January 2010

I just got back from Alt Summit and realized I never had a chance to tell you about CES (that’s the Consumer Electronics Show for those of you who never had soldering kits as kids). Contrary to all my friends assertions, I loved it. Most of that story is over here. But there was a lot I didn’t have room to mention.

First, there aren’t a lot of women there.


Wait. There were a few.


But! There were products for women, subtly displayed.



Actually that brooch USB key is killer. I’m pissed I didn’t buy that. Other stuff I left behind:


A “personal humidifier.”


A retro microphone from Blue Microphones. I want to start a podcast just so I can sit in front of one all day with my hair in barrel curls.


A tiny karaoke machine you can take anywhere. Isn’t that a subway scene in a bad rom-com waiting to happen? I know! Screenwriters, start your engines.


A Holga Stereo and slide viewer that lets you see your photos in 3-D.


This super basic backpack from Isis would be great for travel.


And a set of creepy plastic hands to hold all my new gadgets.

There’s a lot more cool stuff in my Flickr stream, if you feel inclined to have a look.

Tomorrow, let’s talk about ALT.