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Hank is Three!

11th February 2010


Hank turned three today. He loves trains, and chocolate, and fire truck sirens. When he sees a new person he says, “Oh, hello friend.” He sometimes closes his eyes when he walks down stairs. If he hurts someone by accident, he kisses it better. He loves to run, and if both Bryan and I are holding his hands, he lifts his feet so we have to swing him. We go to the Academy of Sciences to visit the Daddy Fish, the Conservatory of Flowers for the train exhibit, the Japanese Tea garden for the stairs and the “fishy playground” koi ponds, and the toy store — which he requests by saying “Could we go to the toy store? It is open.” When I drop him off at day care, he finds a friend to hug, then all the kids come for a hug. Sometimes I get one too.

Happy Birthday, little Hank. I sure do like you.


25th November 2009


There’s this game in the California Academy of Sciences playroom. You dump a bunch of cloth leaves on the ground, and the kids rake them up. We were doing this (over and over) when I realized that Hank had no reference point for the game. My kid, who is almost three, has never seen anyone rake leaves before.

Also, he could get to his favorite toy store on a MUNI bus without supervision.