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Flea Market Finds

7th July 2008

Excellent finds from Sunday’s Alameda Flea Market:

-A little yellow dish for keeping hair bands and such on my dresser
-A black and white ruffly hair cover, which I’m going to pin up and wear as a collar
-An incredible Bill Blass ball gown ($14!). I think I may cut it off at the waist and wear it as a shirt, because I’ll get so much more use out of it that way.
-A little yellow silk shift with a bow at the waist
-A small blue cashmere sweater, which has hooks on the waist, so you can wear it as a solid waist band, or have little meal-accommodating slits on the side.
-A pink silk cami, which looks like a reproduction of a ’30s style.
-A pretty handpainted silk scarf to wear over wet hair, Grace Kelly style.
-A Pendleton Blanket to add to my collection for the cabin.
-A Villeroy and Boch glass hedgehog.
-A collection of little trucks for the little guy, all of which passed the lead paint test.

Satisfying! Time to throw some things in the donation bin to make room.