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16th July 2002

My first piece for Filmcritic.com is up. It’s a
review of Nijinsky. Nijinsky is a bad movie.

I also wrote a CD review of Exo’s “Say Hello to the Master Siege Control” for the Morning News. The premise for these reviews is that one of the contributing editors picks something they love, and the other three people have to say what they think too. Therefore, it’s a long-ass CD review. If you’re an impatient sort, I’m buried at the bottom, so scroll down.

Unique Fixer Upper Opportunity

3rd July 2002

I’m going to start doing reviews for filmcritic.com. Unfortunately, filmcritic.com is ugly. I had the following conversation with Chris:

Dude, your site is ugga-ugga.

No it’s not!

It’s mauve. With yellow type.

It’s burgundy. It’s not ugly.

What is this font?

It’s all messed up because you’re using a Mac.

As are many people who care about site design.

It’s not mauve.

It’s offensive.

Well then, redesign it. I’m not a designer.

Me neither, but it’s a good site. I bet I could find someone who would do it for free.


Maybe. It gets a lot of traffic.


This is not some rinkydink site. It gets about 35,000 hits a day and has been mentioned in CNN, Yahoo! Internet Life, HotWired, B!Zine, and regularly appears on Yahoo! Movies. Also, it is mauve. I know there are designers, art directors, and information architects in the Bay Area who are spending much of the day watching Dukes of Hazzard and updating their blogs. Anyone feel like doing a makeover? This would be a colossal before/after portfolio piece. I will bring you baked goods, and Chris will be generally kind to you. Email if you’re interested.

Addendum: We found someone. Quickly. I was shocked and heartened by how many generous offers flooded my inbox. You guys are the best. Thanks to everyone who responded. I wish I could bake for each and every one of you, but that would be more flour than I could safely cart home from the grocery store. The dirty work goes to Mike Monteiro of Mule Design (you may know him as Henry’s dad). He’s swell, and therefore, he deserves some biscuits. Thanks again to all of you who wrote.