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The Art of Dressing Well

22nd May 2007

My friend Mai has a fun street-fashion blog called Fashioni.st. I went out walking with her the other day, and took a couple of pictures.

Because we only had a second to stop someone as they rushed by, I found there were a few key things I looked at first. On women, interesting shoes and bags often signaled that everything else was working too. Mai mentioned that people wearing jeans were less likely to be doing something compelling with their outfits. I noticed that men who pay attention to making their hairstyle unique were more likely to be dressed well too. Also, anyone wearing color stood out, as it’s almost impossible to find people who aren’t in black.

It was a surprisingly educational experience. For hours afterward I couldn’t stop checking people’s outfits for creative sparks, and I found myself getting oddly anxious about my shoes.