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19 Days Without Yeti

6th April 2008

It’s been 19 days since the last Defective Yeti update, and that can only mean one thing. Matthew Baldwin is being held hostage on a secluded island, with no access to a keyboard, and enemy forces on all sides.

That or he’s playing, like, the world’s longest game of Werewolf with an inconceivably large group of friends. (So two things, I guess. It could mean one of two things.)

Anyway, Rob of Cockeyed has assembled a crack team of Internet search-and-rescue operatives:

I will be hiding here in my closet, in case the bad guys are coming for me next.

As for you Matthew, you stay alive. No matter how far, how long it takes…

We will find you.

Book Update

30th January 2007

Lately, Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti is posting like crazy, and he’s been pulling a few ideas from my book, No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. Here’s my favorite 100 Ideas-inspired post so far. Never underestimate the power of acid wash jeans and red suspenders to make your heart go pitter-pat.

Meanwhile, Jeff Veen, user experience guru for Google, mentioned my book in a discussion of how the web is turning amateurs into experts, and tools like Vox and my book are helping on that front.

Blogging expert Leah Peterson is playing along by asking readers to submit something via mail for inclusion in a group painting. She has a P.O. box for submissions, so send something her way.

Finally David Beach, formerly of Yahoo Shopping and now with Wink, is still hard at work whittling his body down and upping his health quotient at Die Old. I mentioned Beach in the book because I’m pretty inspired by what he’s doing. Go on over and lend a helpful comment. It would be great to see him build a community around the idea of dying old.

That’s it for now. If you haven’t bought the book, I hope you do, as I think you’ll like it. If you have, please link to your 100 Ideas posts in the comments. I can’t wait to read them.