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16th February 2001

While I’m away, you should read BoingBoing

“Jesus.com is owned by a guy who looks like Jesus and wears a Jesusonian robe. He hopes to meet women who are turned on by the idea of dating a real live Jesus. He’s also inviting women to bathe with him. At least one woman has taken him up on his offer, and you can see photographic evidence on Jesus’s site.” Link

eCompany interviews Bruce Sterling. ‘What would happen if I could turn my IQ up to 450? I would be a completely different kind of entity. I would understand things much more thoroughly, and I would be really thrilled by it for, I don’t know, maybe six months. Then I would have a routine of some kind. I would be a posthuman entity with an IQ of 450 who had a routine. And I would be bored a lot of the time. And my behavior would me mostly habitual, and embarassing things would happen to me. In other words, I wouldn’t be some kind of shining godlike creature. I might be super intelligent, but, you know, I’d probably have diarrhea. A super intelligent being with acne. I would still have a toothache. My wife would also have an IQ of 450, and we would have domestic arguments that were on the level of super genius but still about housework.'”


16th January 2001

Yes, it’s a poem, but it’s a good poem. Besides which, there’s a link to pornographic balloons below it. So humor me:

Sentimental Moment or Why Did
the Baguette Cross the Road?

     Don't fill up on bread
     I say absent-mindedly
     The servings here are huge

     My son, whose hair may be
     receding a bit, says
     Did you really just
     say that to me?

     What he doesn't know
     is that when we're walking
     together, when we get
     to the curb
     I sometimes start to reach
     for his hand

     Robert Hershon

1:12 p.m.

You thought clowns were scary before. Wait until you check out these balloons
9:55 a.m.