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Zombie Theory

6th October 2010

Me: I just realized that San Francisco is uniquely suited to survive the zombie apocalypse because we don’t have cemeteries in town.

Bryan: We’d have to defend against Colma though.

Me: Yeah, but we’re a peninsula.

Bryan: So we’d just build a big zombie wall?

Me: Yeah.

Natalie: I feel pretty safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse because all my friends have guns.

Me: Zombies are already dead, Natalie. You can’t kill them with guns.

Natalie: Yeah you can, you shoot them in the head. I watched Zombieland.

Me: Huh.

Bryan: Point, Natalie.

Natalie: Anyway, I’ve decided that when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m gonna be a vampire.

Me: Clever. I’ve not heard that take on it. Side with the less annoying undead.

Natalie: Yeah, a vampire could clearly defeat a zombie.

Me: Plus they dress better. And their limbs don’t fall off when they run.