10 Simple Ideas for Green Gift Wrapping

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For the last few years, I’ve been trying to cut back on waste when I wrap gifts. It started with a trip to Argentina over the holidays, where it was nearly impossible to come by wrapping paper. The gifts we wrapped for each other that year were so thoughtful, I saved elements of the packaging to paste in my journal. That led me on a hunt for pretty, eco-friendly gift wrap ideas that reduced what ended up in the landfill. I also learned that brown kraft paper or paper bags don’t contain toxic dyes and are much easier to recycle.

Here are a few cool ideas I’ve been bookmarking for this year:

1. Recycled Paper “Nametags”

2. Recycled Paper Dots

3. Yarn Wrap

4. Calendar Wrapping Paper

5. Craft Paper with Recycled Cloth Flag

6. Candy Cane Bow

7. Lace Wrap

8. Ornament as a Bow

9. Newspaper Bow

10. Newspaper Flower

That’s it! Do you have any pretty ideas for wrapping with repurposed or recycled materials? Feel free to leave links in comments.