Press: Interviews and Mentions

Renters who remodel: Investing a little of your money in a rental can pay dividends in better living
The San Francisco Chronicle 5.19.07 / Anh-Minh Le
When Maggie and Bryan Mason learned that they were expecting their first child, they decided to stay in their one-bedroom apartment. “When I got pregnant, I felt like digging in and nesting, not starting over,” Maggie Mason said.

KFOG Radio Interview: Everything you need to know about blogging
KFOG Radio 10.10.06 / KFOG Morning Crew

Blogher Panel: Is the next Martha Stewart a Blogger?
Blogher 2006 6.06 / Panel Moderator
Food and craft blogs have huge followings and opportunity. What, if anything, should they do with it? Maggie Mason sits down with Pim Techamuanvivit (Chez Pim), Gayla Trail, Marnie MacLean, and Andrea Scher who have used or are trying to use blogs to help their commercial ventures, from professional writing to selling their handiwork.

Tips and Advice for Writing a Corporate Blog
CIO Magazine 6.6.06 / Michael Fitzgerald
Blog etiquette expert Margaret Mason advises executives to adopt the tone of their company in their blog. For a CIO at a youngish tech company, being very casual and hip might work. For a bank, street slang is off-limits.

SxSW Panel: Designing for Community with Zero Advertising
SxSW 3.06 / Panel Moderator
How do you create and manage a global community-centric business where the line between customers and content producers has been completely erased? How do you ensure growth based upon community/customer support without advertising? A talk with the guys from Threadless. (transcript here)

Web 2.0 has a local address
South Park, the neighborhood that fostered the dot-com boom, is back

The San Francisco Chronicle 4.16.06 / Dan Fost
“I saw 20-year-olds in head-to-toe Prada and said, ‘This cannot last.’ There were all these free parties and free pizza. I remember thinking, ‘This is imprudence. What are we doing with our VC money, people?’.”

Stylish Musings
The San Jose Mercury News 4.10.06 / Nerissa Pacio
“I really like stuff. . . Collecting it all in one place satisfied my own acquisition instinct. It’s a way to tell a bunch of people about something you’ve found that intrigues or touches you. It’s an accumulation of my tastes.”

SXSW: Bloggerati swarm the Yahoo sellout party
Valleywag 3.15.06 / Nick Douglas
“Heather Champ, Heather Armstrong (Dooce to you), and Mighty Girl Maggie Mason do a stunning, if seated, Charlie’s Angels Blogger Edition.”

Geeks Gone Wild: Bathtub full of designers
Valleywag 2.24.06 / Nick Douglas

Read My Blog: Many bloggers are experimenting with selling merchandise
The San Francisco Chronicle 12.19.05 / Carrie Kirby
“People don’t realize that it’s just me, hunkered down in my bedroom closet with a shelf of shirts, a Sharpie, and a box of envelopes.”

Style by Way of Grandmother’s Closet
New York Times 10.7.04 / Michelle Slatalla
“Clothing is really feminine again. Everything has details. Lace. What a relief that covering up is back in fashion. A full skirt – who doesn’t look good in that?”

Comfort in Your Closet: Spring Staples
New York Times 4.10.03 / Michelle Slatalla
”It’s because we’re in panic mode. We’re at war, people are being laid off every day, and you’re not going to buy six swimsuits. So you have to buy the one that will hide at least the upper, problem portion of your legs.”

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