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The Canon

1st December 2015

Photo by Sacha Maric

Grimes in the October issue of Nylon:

“There’s this idea now that young people are the answer,” she says. “It’s definitely good to question how things used to be, but we shouldn’t just throw it all away. It leads to a lot of repetition and people not even realizing they’re repeating, as opposed to building on something that exists and making something new.”

This is something I see happening in Web and mobile tech constantly. There’s so little historical information about why things are done the way they are, people keep reinventing the wheel.

Alone with Bob Dylan

16th December 2014

The Swedish film series Experiment Ensam (Experiment Alone) explores how much of our enjoyment comes from company. Among other experiments, they arranged for Bob Dylan to play a concert for one man. (via Kottke)

Are you a person who does things on your own? If so, I’m curious about what types of things. I’ve said before that I enjoy eating alone, I think I’d be happy at a movie too. But I’m not a huge fan of traveling alone, and if it came to a concert from one of my idols, I’d so much rather have a friend along so we could grin stupidly at each other.

Bone Records

7th August 2014

I first heard about Bone Records at a Pop-Up Magazine event, and the idea made me a little teary.

From the 1930s-60s, vinyl was too expensive in the Soviet Union, so bootleggers began using X-ray plates to print records. The useless X-rays could be purchased from hospitals for very little, and were thick enough to retain an impression that could be played on a phonograph.

The quality wasn’t great, but the price was right, and these presses let people in the Soviet Union hear banned music, like Jazz and early Rock ‘n’ Roll. Romantic.

More images and information over on I looked for listings on eBay, but didn’t find anything. Any collectors know where you’d go to procure one of these?

Bands Mai Told Me About: Deptford Goth

21st November 2013

Do you have a friend who’s your go-to person when you need advice on a particular subject? Mai is my person for music. And clothes. And whether something is ethical.

Happy Birthday, Mai. Thanks for bringing so much good stuff into my life. And then letting me ruin it by telling the whole Internet. I love you.