Advents for Good

** SOLD OUT ** See you next year!


Hooray, Advent Grab Bags are here!

This is our 24 Days Advent Grab Bag. This kit is a tiny version of Santa’s bag, full of just-perfect treats. Each night, you or your kid can put on the blindfold and reach in for a surprise. Happiness ensues.

When you buy an Advent Grab Bag, 20 percent of our profit goes to IntraHealth. We hope to raise enough to fund two years of nurse training for a community without regular access to health workers. This means your kids get twenty four days of surprises, and other kids get a nurse to take care of them. Win win.

Get yours!
Ages 4 and up
$35, plus shipping
20% of profit supports IntraHealth



IntraHealth trains health workers in underserved parts of the world. Your purchase will contribute to helping community nursing students train to be health workers in their rural home communities. Upon graduation, these health workers provide health care services to individuals and families previously unable to get care. Woot.