Life List: Squeeze all the juice out of the 2012 holiday season.

I sometimes delay Fun until it magically becomes Not Fun — particularly around the holidays. For example, I love choosing presents, but I wait until the twelfth hour and abracadabra. I’m at the Container Store on Christmas Eve beating someone senseless with a Keepsake Shadowbox.

Last year, I realized there are a things I must do during the holiday season, or I feel under-celebratory — like I missed everything and I’m starting the New Year off-kilter. So I posted my 12 Holiday Resolutions on Go Mighty.

Is there anything you can’t skip or it just doesn’t feel like the holidays?

11 thoughts on “Life List: Squeeze all the juice out of the 2012 holiday season.

  1. Hey, Maggie.

    After reading your holiday resolution list, I was wondering if you might have any suggestions for advent calendar stuffers for adults. I fill an advent calendar for my partner because it reminds her of her mother, who passed away when she was really young. Of course, I put plenty of candy and treats in there, but I would also like to put non-candy items as well. Many “stocking stuffers” don’t tend to be quite small enough to fit secretively in the advent calendar, and often they are aimed at young children rather than at 38-year-old women. Last year, I put a couple of bags of different coffee that she likes (enough to make one pot) in some of the pockets, but I’m trying to think of other non-candy items I might try out this year. Since you are a lover of tiny things, I thought you might have some suggestions. Thanks!


  2. Just read your Container Store post. “I continued to ignore him aggressively.” is now my favorite. I love the succinctly decisive way you describe things.

    Also, yes to maximum celebrating. We just moved and I’m in a cheers-ing kind of mood. Bring it on. Bring alllll of it.


  3. Two years ago, I had a baby on Dec 3 by c-section, so I really got in touch with what the ‘most important’ holiday traditions were to me and which I was willing to forgo. So many of mine are the same as yours: wreath, advent calendar, new pjs, mailing cards, decorating the tree. Also for me, listening to Christmas music, baking some cookies, gingerbread house decorating, and hand-making at least one of the cards (this year, I think it might be _all_ of them).

    Our advent calendar is an activity calendar. We strategically place time-sensitive activities early in the month but then include all of the activities that we associate with Christmas. Many of the ones above but also ‘b-list’ items: Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”, walking outside to see the decorated houses, peppermint hot chocolate (spiked or not), and reading “Twas the Night Before”.


  4. I LOVE this list. Stress has no part in celebration. Making up your mind to enjoy before all the zaniness starts is so important. Also, thanks for introducing me to my new favorite word “chonies”. I had to look it up on urban dictionary and it sounds so much more fun than “gutchies” which is what we always call them. I will be incorporating it into regular rotation!


  5. Like Rebecca we do an activity advent calendar for the kids. There are the exciting events of visiting our favorite Christmas train display, the park with all the Christmas lights, visiting the aquarium’s holiday display, etc. But also more quiet events like watching a Christmas special, making dinner for our neighbors, making birdseed ornaments for our friends outside, and making Christmas cookies. The kids love the month of activities.


  6. I love your list; it’s got me very excited for the festive season. The single lady stocking swap is a great idea. Personally, I definitely cannot miss a carol service, I have to start my Christmas cake on Stir-up Sunday and always ensure to donate toys somewhere.
    Also, I haven’t received my invite yet and just got pathetically excited to see an email from Go Mighty in my inbox, and it’s about the election. I’m British. Sigh.


  7. Our advent calendar has little treats, but also little slips of paper, some are ‘treats’ (have hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie) but some are ‘chores’ (water the plants). My DD doesn’t seem to mind, except for the one that says to choose some old toys to donate.

    For me, Christmas is not Christmas unless I’ve done some baking. Specifically, cut-out cookies. They’re NOT beautiful, but they’re FUN. Last year we invited one of DD’s friends who had NEVER made cut-out cookies before – she was OVER THE MOON. So, from now on, I want to make cut-out cookies with company!


  8. An advent calendar filler suggestion for commenter Stephanie above: Fossil makes adorable small charm clips in just about every shape and topic (check online and eBay). If your significant other likes jewelry – several would be fun for a charm bracelet. Or perhaps just a single one for a necklace.


  9. I second the earring suggestion- Etsy has nice, inexpensive pieces, and it might be worthwhile to search advent calendar while there. Also, our local independent toy store has small animals and magnets that would be fun too. Think on what interests her most- what small things go with that. (fishing lure for someone who likes to fish, golf ball marker for a golfer). Don’t forget the everyday stuff- extra bus tokens, lip balm…


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