Mighty Summit Tote Giveaway

7th October 2011

When we were pulling together gifts for the Mighty Summit, we set a few aside to give away. Here’s what’s up for grabs today:

Large Natural Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag by Lands End

I had no idea how useful these were until I had one. Sturdy, preppy delicious, and just the right size for a weekend away. Yours will not say “Sarah” on the front, but it will have the same trim.

Tieks by Gavrieli

I bought a pair of these genius travel shoes a while back, and they’re one of my favorite things. Tieks fold in half so you can stuff them in your purse, and the quality is amazing. They come in all sorts of candy colors and metallics — plus they pack flat and slip off easily when you’re heading through airport security. The winner gets to choose any pair for $135 and under.

Bamboo Dahlia Necklace By Feisty Elle

You know that girl who always looks so cool, and you can never pinpoint what it is about her? Good jewelry. Dahlias are my favorite flower, and designer Leslie Yang made a silver version of this necklace for Summit attendees.

Neoprene Laptop Case from Mixed Bag

Now you can drop your laptop more stylishly than before.

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Tattly makes temporary tattoos that don’t suck. We’ve talked about these before, and they’ve come out with a few new designs since. Instant toughness boost for the nerd corps.

Typekit Subscription

A one-year subscription to Typekit, the service that lets you use a variety of fonts on your site without having to serve them as images. Have you noticed the Web has been looking prettier lately? Thank these guys.

The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin was one of our Mighty Summit attendees this year, and she brought along her New York Times Bestselling book, which is about her year-long experiment in making her life happier. I love this idea, and this book.

The Quintet Necklace by Lemonade Handmade

I’ve mentioned this necklace before, we give one to each of the attendees to symbolize the five Life List goals they hope to accomplish in the coming year. I love the necklace for its simplicity, and I like the idea of five golden rings being little commitments to yourself. I wear mine most days until I’ve crossed everything off for the year.

And that’s it for today. Pretty good, huh? To enter please leave a comment about something on your Life List, contest closes next Thursday night at midnight PST. Helen Jane and Laura at The Queso are doing giveaways as well, so head over there for two more chances to win.

Now for the fine print: Please only leave one comment here, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries on Mighty Girl will be disqualified. I’ll use random.org to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Friday. Offer eligible only to U.S. and Canada.

1,788 thoughts on “Mighty Summit Tote Giveaway

  1. Carly

    Great giveaway!

    I’ve had learn to knit on my life list for a while and recently my husband’s aunt visited us, plopped down on the couch, and pulled out an enormous scarf she had been working on on the flight up. I asked her if she thought she could teach me and within an hour, I had started my own scarf. I had thought about taking a class at the local yarn store but family showing up to teach me was wayyyy better.

  2. Kristen R.

    My bff and I have been working on our mighty list for the past year, thanks to your site. Right now I’m currently working on one that is to see all 50 documentaries from the NYT’s best list, but the next one I’d like to do is to go to the Bronx Zoo. I recruited my parents to join me! The most exciting item I crossed off this year was to go skydiving. Best. Experience. Ever.

  3. Helen

    I would like to take my husband to Paris – I left for a month in Paris shortly after we started dating, calling him from public phones and hotels rooms all over the city while I was away … something tells me it would be infinitely better with him by my side.

  4. Kimbo

    I’ve been reading Mighty Girl from Australia for 12 months and now that I’ve moved to Canada I can finally enter a giveaway! Not that just reading wasn’t delightful.

    Moving overseas for at least 12 months was on my Life List, so tick! Love the tote, shoes, necklaces, book…ok everything up there looks sweet and lovely.

  5. Kathleen

    I just crossed something off my life list: learn to crochet! I never thought I’d be able to do it, but I have a lovely afghan to give to my grandmother for her 95th birthday.

  6. Sromeo

    My best friend just moved to LA, and I have never been to California. Thus, first on my life list is to go see her there, but as an extension of that, I’d like to bank up some separate money and vacation days to keep on the side in case she ever needs me to fly there spontaneously.

  7. Lynne

    Random items from my Life List…

    ~ Go on a road trip in a convertible
    ~ Learn basic watercolour technique
    ~ Run a race and finish in the top half

    As you might guess from the ‘u’ I put in ‘watercolour’, I’m very pleased that this contest is open to Canadians. Thanks!

  8. Cassi

    One of my goals is to learn to play the guitar! I’ve slowly picked up a few chords here and there, but not enough to play songs yet.

  9. Katie

    My big goal for the year is to start a blog about stuff I like, ranging from Classical literature, rants, feminism, and pop culture. I don’t plan on having thousands of readers, but it would be a great outlet for things I like to think about.

  10. Maggie E.

    My goal is to finish my life list. I’ve started one, but to say that is even cheating. I know what I would put on it, but have not, as of yet, written them down. My goal is to WRITE THEM DOWN, then as you have advised, fill it in with all the good stuff that seems like a dream but is totally doable if I decided it is!

    First on the list:
    Own a sewing machine!

  11. Beth

    I want to win a camogie national championship! And visit Ireland, return to Madrid, go to China and Japan, explore India …

  12. erin

    My trusty Land’s End tote is finally giving out after almost 15 years of weekly farmers’ market trips. Kismet.

  13. Val

    I do yearly lists, as opposed to a life list, but on this year’s list is: go to a scotch tasting, and try fifty different kinds of cheeses, to name a few.

  14. Earth Girl

    What a nice giveaway and it will remind this aging baby-boomer that life lists are not just for the young. In fact, there is an even greater sense of urgency. After spending 30+ years in the corporate world, I now own a sustainable cut-flower business and, yes, I do grow dahlias! Next on my life list are chickens and bees, and perhaps minature cattle (Dexters).

  15. kelley

    one thing on my list – teach a class. it could be on anything really, i used to coach soccer and run art projects but its been awhile and i keep thinking i have some pretty decent skills id like to share.

  16. jenna

    This is the year I get to teach my only child to drive. I always thought that was something old people got to do, turns out, not so much, since I get to in the next few months.

  17. Katie

    Top of my list: graduate nursing school. Yesterday I found out I was accepted to the nursing program, so I’m getting there! :)

  18. Sarah

    I recently completed a major life list item (living abroad for the year) and a medium life list item (making a quilt for my new nephew). I am currently puzzling over what to tackle next – probably updating my work website, so the typekit subscription is apropos. And, my bag should say ‘Sarah’ on the front, so that’s easy.

  19. Melissa

    I don’t think I’ve even added it to my Life List yet, but skydiving is what I’m going to do in the next year. Hopefully in the spring. Looks like several others have done it and loved it, so I can’t wait!

  20. Jeanmarie

    I bought a sewing machine on Craigslist and started my sewing lessons last nite!! I CAN SEW, MAGGIE!!

  21. Rachel

    After a rough two years, I finally feel like my head is getting above water again. This past weekend, of course with the help of great friends, I moved into one of my big-ticket items on my Life List – my very own house! Homeowner? Check! I cannot tell you how amazing it feels. Next up? Monthly dinners for friends in my home.

  22. Bethany

    Next up on the life list: playing guitar in public. Or, you know, figuring out a thesis and finishing my master’s degree. OR BOTH.

  23. ame

    I have this lovely sewing machine that a sweet friend gifted to me and it’s about darn time to learn to use it! Now is the time! It’s going to happen!

  24. Maggie

    It’s not really on my life list, more like a fantastical wish list: I want to participate in Mighty Summit.

  25. MaggieBree

    Have marked a few off my list this year, even some I didn’t know were on there. My next two to tackle? Learning Italian and learning how to restore the antique piano I bought for $15…and then how to play it.

  26. Manders

    Dang it, I am *going* to a performance of Handel’s Messiah this year.

    I did have to strike something from my Mighty List, because it turns out reading nothing but 100-year-or-more-old books makes my modernist literature brain sad. But I have been reading more old books this year. I’m in the middle of something that was written in the 800s (like, 1200 years ago, not 200) and it is delightful.

  27. Sarah

    (Since my name is Sarah, it is like that bag is calling to me.)

    Next on the life list: create a mediation oasis; a pillow, candle, books, and quiet.

  28. Em

    Oh this inspired me to get out my list! Here is one doable item:
    See Niagara Falls

    I forgot how badly I wanted to go :)
    xoxo Em

  29. Lisa

    Those shoes look so comfortable! Some day, maybe I’ll make it to the summit. Until then, I want to sew a skirt and run a 5K before the end of 2011.

  30. Amanda

    In the mid-1990s, my grandfather bought some Printshop software and went to town publishing a weekly (!) family newsletter. My grandma had just gotten diagnosed with cancer, and he used the newsletter to keep everyone informed about how she was doing. She passed away a few years later, and my grandpa eventually passed away too. In his memory, and to keep my huge family in touch with each other, my life goal is to take over his role of newsletter publisher and to publish at least bi-monthly, going forward.

  31. Anna

    Go To Europe is on my Life List, and if the child care comes through, I will be going with my husband in a couple of weeks! Fingers crossed!

  32. Jessica

    I’m currently in my first semester of grad school – one of my life list items is to get a Master’s degree in Library Science. It’s been a lot of work but so much fun!

  33. Ali

    I think the most important item on my life list for me is “get counselling”.
    I’m two sessions in and already I can tell this is the best thing I could do for myself and my kids. I can finally cry again.

  34. Gerry

    Most things on my list have to do with not screwing up raising my girls! So far so good, if I do say so myself! Fingers crossed…

  35. Steph Moon

    I’m working on my life list, but one thing I have always wanted to do is sing/act/dance in a musical.

  36. Sara

    Another Sara! But without the h. Biggest item on my life list is in gear: I’m starting nursing school in the fall, after 10 years as operations manager of a small company. I’ve been coveting those flats since the first time you featured them!

  37. cassie

    I want to create a book of all my go-to recipes to pass along to my daughter when she leaves for college.

  38. Courtney

    I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet — now that I am pregnant, making a baby blanket seems like a good idea! I started last week. I’m 24 weeks pregnant, so we will see how this goes.

  39. Jessica

    There are so many things I want to accomplish – number one is figuring out how to check out ebooks from my ipad!

  40. Hillary

    Every year, I host a holiday baking day … and every year I get a little closer to my Life List goal to bake 1,000 different kinds of cookies.

    Eating them is just extra credit.

  41. Noelle

    I am committed to going to my hot yoga class every single day for one month… Eventually, I would love attend a yoga retreat in India!

  42. Bethany Miller

    Oh my gosh, all of those things are so beautiful! I’d love to attend a Mighty Summit one year. Seems like everyone comes out of it so… invigorated!

  43. Trish T.

    An item on my life list is to learn to cook – and to be a bit more adventurous in doing so. Thus far, there have been a few failures, but some really good dishes as well!

  44. Shelley

    I’d like to take my boys camping in a National Park – Yellowstone, I think, for starters…

  45. Annie

    This year I crossed off a big item on my life list — getting to know my grandmother better. I moved in on her birthday last year, and she passed away on her birthday this year. I’m so glad I went for it.

  46. Kari

    I have started to learn to juggle. My kids are learning faster than me :-) but I’m making progress!

  47. Ris

    One of the things on my life list that I’ve been hemming and hawing about is running a marathon. This is the year I’m going to do it! I’ve already signed up (and paid up) so there’s no turning back!

  48. Beverly

    I want to take a cruise around Alaska. Definitely on life list. I heart those shoes – I would wear them on the way to Alaska.

  49. Candice

    One of my favorite life list items is to create a scholarship at my undergrad alma mater, even if it’s just something small like a fund to buy books for the year.

  50. hgolightly13

    Two that are very doable:
    1. Dance to a street musician
    2. Tell a stranger how beautiful they are

  51. Meg

    I just wrapped up my 101 in 1001 list, and now I’m feeling kind of aimless. I didn’t finish the list but I learned a lot about myself.

    One of the items on my life list is to return to school for a second degree, diploma, certification or professional designation.

  52. Amanda

    Holy smokes! That is a fantastic gift bag!

    On my life list — have my artwork shown in a gallery.

  53. Erin

    I got to check off “listen to a whip-poor-will in the dark woods” just a few weeks ago. Next is “get into grad school”. Sign me up!

  54. Christina H

    We just found out we are pregnant, so my top desire is to be a good mother. I’m pretty scared. I have so many items on my list!

  55. Abby D

    Now this is what I call a giveaway! Something on my list: Take my Cecilia up the Statue of Liberty.

  56. Erica

    Travel to Borneo and volunteer at an orangutan rescue camp. Related – cuddle a baby orangutan.

  57. Ursula Adams

    Part of my life list is to be a inspiration to others and carry your message about the impact a Mighty Life List can have. So I’m starting a Mighty Girlfriends’ Club here in Detroit where we’ll come together monthly to help each other accomplish our life goals. We kick off tomorrow night!

  58. Rebecca

    I’m hoping to cross an item off my list this weekend: Run in a 5k. Then, it’s off to Camp Mighty where I know I’m going to be inspired and motivated.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  59. Anna L.

    I signed up for a photography class that starts in two weeks. Check one thing off the life list :)

  60. Lesley

    This summer I completed an item on my Life List – I went ZIP LINING!! It was great fun and I can’t wait to go again!!

  61. Jen M.

    In a week and a half I’m heading to the Galapagos then into the Amazon Rainforest. Two items on my life list. Yay! I can’t wait :)

  62. beautifulmess

    I’ve crossed a few items off my life list this year: run a 5k with my dad & walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (from Brooklyn to Manhattan) @ night. Next up: hot air balloon ride & croissants in Paris.

    btw – winning this bag full of goodies would make my year . . . just sayin’.

  63. Berit

    I want to take my family on a road trip to the Black Hills, once my kids are old enough to remember it. (With a 1-year-old and a 23-week fetus, not *quite* there yet, but therefore have plenty of time to make sure it happens.) Something so quintessential American about this to me.

    Thanks for the cool Mighty Summit giveaway!

  64. Lindsay S.

    Thanks to inspiration from Mighty Girl and Mighty Summit attendees I have started my own life list. Thank you! I’m hoping to cross “make pasta from scratch” off the list in the coming months. First item on my list is “finish this list”.

  65. Betsy

    A big item on my life list is to get my husband and kids up to Michigan where i grew up, but more specifically, to take them to Mackinaw Island. I went so many times as a child and even got to stay at the Grand Hotel a time or two. I want to share the beauty, the quiet simplicity, make some Mackinaw memories of our own. My husband has had crippling panic attacks since he was a child, so until recently this hasn’t been possible. After much prayer and searching and hoping, we have found a psychiatrist he loves and medication that is helping. He has hope for some relief for the first time in his life and is talking realistically about light travel. Now we just continue his healing and work on our budget and i think we can make this happen.

    I don’t know how many people have something as mundane as a vacation back home on their list, but I live far across the country and my parents have never even met my two children because travel has been almost impossible for us and very difficult for them as well. But my husband and I are working hard to get past out own issues to make a good life for our children.

    yay life lists! they are really helping us to focus on our needs and our dreams and make real change happen. :-)

  66. jillyj

    List item #6 Bring my young son back to where I lived in Salzburg so he can eat a soft pretzel as big as his head!

  67. Gloria

    Before the end of the year, I’m hoping to learn to bake bread, make pasta from scratch, get a subscription to the Washington Post, learn to french braid, and wear sequins on New Year’s Eve. Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. Lindsay

    I love everything! Especially those awesome travel shoes!! They would be awesome for my upcoming trip to Thailand :) (Fingers crossed!)

  69. Anita

    Learn to sew pretty skirts for me to wear. I have the sewing machine and sewing notions, I just haven’t made the time. Totally a life list goal!

  70. Andrea Phillips

    On my life list: Dancing at a particular good friend’s wedding. This was a tricky one, because he happens to be gay — but now he’s seeing a wonderful person AND we have marriage equality in New York, so I think this one is getting crossed off before much longer! :)

  71. Melissa

    Such lovely things! As a PhD student, the life list is covered in things like ‘get an article published in a major journal.’ I’m holding onto your idea for swimming with those bioluminescent plankton as a celebration for when it happens!

  72. famousamy

    Number 1 on my life list is to quit this job. Wish me luck as it will happen sometime within the next year.

    And if I don’t win, all these things are going on my Christmas wish list!

  73. Heather D

    One item on my life list has been to learn how to can – I finally took a class and have canned applesauce and pickles so far! It is more empowering than I thought it would be.

  74. Dawn

    #29 Make princess leia cupcakes! I am an avid baker and always looking to try out new recipes and new decorating ideas and I saw these a few months ago and am now just looking for the right time to make them;>

  75. Annegirrl

    One of my life list items is to take my daughters to Cape Cod to show them where I grew up every summer with my Nana, the beach, and uptown.

  76. Margaret

    Figure out how to make that seaweed salad they serve at sushi restaurants!

    (I’ve been entering this since you started the giveaway, and would love to win!)

  77. Nichole

    We crossed off the biggest thing on my list in August: Buy a house. (!!) I think my list needs reassessing. I don’t really feel moved to make a quilt anymore. I think I’m going to have to add “Attend the Mighty Summit” to the list.

  78. Krista J.

    It may sound like a cliche, but at the top of my life list right now is to get married to my wonderful fiancee. We’ve been engaged for a while now, and due to life and other circumstances, we just haven’t been able to have our wedding yet. I’m really hoping that it comes soon though!

  79. mandy

    Just crossed off a design project item from my life list, time to add a new one…or two or three. It’s a work in progress!

  80. Laura

    I’m on my way to planting a vegetable garden and canning everything in it. This year I did pickles and green beans. Next year I think I might be able to manage tomatoes as well. But I won’t cross this off my list until I’ve gotten to beets, carrots, and corn.

  81. Cindy

    My Life List has stalled. Every thing has come to screetching hault while we wait to close on our house. I guess this is OK. For now. But I got some big plans, the hair is now to the tops of my shoulders, going to New York next 4th. Slowly going to cross some things off that list.

  82. Emily

    Last night I crossed off a life-list item: I finished testing with the local roller derby league and I am in — after almost a year of training and testing, I’m in! WOOT! I need shoes…all $$ has gone to skates, lol.

  83. Michelle

    Fall in love, get married, fall more in love.

    And, since I got engaged this past Sunday, I would say I’m well on my way to accomplishing that life-long goal!

  84. kbonikowsky

    I’ve never seen some of these give-a-away items before. The 5 ring necklace is a terrific idea. I wonder if it jingles like dog tags? I’ve also wondered about those shoes…like what was the purpose of having them roll up. Now I know! Thanks for the generous giveaway! Here’s to random picking!

  85. kat

    i have been coveting those flats since you wrote about them the first time. let me tell you – the gap “city flats” are a poor substitute :)

  86. Jessica

    Life list item #3: Find a great job that furthers social justice and equality. In progress — sent 21 resumes last night!

  87. Cara

    The very tippy top of my life list was to become fluent in a foreign language, and to move closer to my family on the east coast. I just moved to Quebec to accomplish both!

  88. melissa

    oooh, such loveliness. next on my life list is renewing/getting passports for the whole family, and taking my girls to Paris. i want pictures of them running through Luxembourg Gardens while they’re still young enough to skip, sing, and play with pure joy and confidence.

  89. Susan

    Thank you for inspiring me to even write a Life List, it has been such a great means to find guidance!

    One of my dreams is to take my mother to Norway, so we can visit the towns and homes where her mother was raised.

  90. AnnieHall

    On my life list is learning to drive a stick shift. My father tried to teach me once 15 years ago, on a hill, with my mother and younger brother in the backseat offering running commentary. The lesson lasted 10 minutes, which is the exact time it took for me to roll down said hill and crash into a chain link fence. I’m hoping my second attempt doesn’t prove nearly as traumatic.

  91. Bre

    When my grandparents can no longer live on their farm anymore (a very sad day we are all dreading), move my city-dwelling family there and live there for at least a year.

  92. Hilary

    My goal is two-fold, I want to bring my preemie baby home from the hospital and be the best mother I can be for her.

  93. Heather Milligan

    Programming is my knitting. I want to be super functional fluent in at least one programming language.

    I also want to live in a place with winter.

    I also want to play SYNTHESIZERS.


  94. Jessica

    I need to make an actual life list, instead of the vague thoughts floating in my head of things I’d like to do. This morning, the thing that catches my eye in the floating is seeing Europe on a big long train traveling vacation.

  95. Emily E.

    I definitely want to learn to speak another language (Spanish?). I don’t have to be fluent, but I’d want to be able to have a conversation…

  96. Susan

    I might try singing every morning, that could help! I want to learn to sew, learn to shut my mouth (only when necessary!) and wear cuter shoes.

  97. ktmade

    Thanks for the giveaway Maggie! On my life list and possibly capable of being accomplished this year – can pickles and buy something at an auction (the kind with a real auctioneer)

  98. Melanie

    I’d like to learn how to sew something that I could wear, ultimately so that I can sew something that my future kids could wear. So far I’ve only been able to sew an oddly-shaped tote bag, but it’s progress!

  99. Jen

    My #1 thing on my life list is to learn to make pants for my daughter. I keep buying these adorable pants for my daughter for $15, when I know I could make them for, like, $1. So, I bought a sewing machine and a serger and it’s time to sit down in front of it and buckle down and get it done.

    My #2 is to make some friends. I moved to Chicago 4 years ago and I have yet to form any real friendships. I’ve been making excuses, but I don’t have a support system here, and I need it – badly. So, if anyone reads this and lives in the Northern Chicago suburbs and has a whole in their social circle that needs to be filled with someone who is shy but loyal, let me know.

  100. Sarah

    Fulfilling one of my goals right now – having a baby! Currently gestating, due the beginning of May.

  101. Kristina

    Life List goal: Create a life list!! I want to so bad — My first goal would probably be to become a mother — which will happen in February! Hopefully I will have time while on maternity leave to create my list. What better inspiration to create a life list than a new life!

  102. Elena

    What a lovely give away!

    A life list item towards which I’m making progress: complete a yoga teacher training program.

    A life list item that remains further in the future: see the northern lights.

  103. Diana

    One item that’s been on my life list for a while (and is getting checked off this month!) is to learn to knit. My Grandma would be proud!

  104. Liz B

    What a beautiful grouping of goodies.

    I’d like to bake something from scratch at least once a month for a year to give to friends.

  105. Emily

    On my life list, to be accomplished in the next 12 months:
    – take a road trip with my son
    – volunteer on a farm
    – buy an entire animal (cow, pig), and cook every piece of it

  106. Lisa May

    2012 will be the year that I host a retreat. 36 hours of silence for overworked and over stimulated folks, myself included. I don’t know when it will happen, but a related life list item is a vacation by myself. With no room for guilt in my suitcase!

  107. Gayla

    OH My Goodness! All of these things are awesome but I would love love the flats or the necklace (Practical and inspiring!)
    On my life list..and i’m working on it..is to step into the possibility of my creativity becoming what I do for a living instead of my 7:30-5 Day job.

  108. Cassie

    Create a life list. Your website is so inspiring. I’m was kind of anti-life lists, but you have slowly but surely changed my mind. :)

  109. AmandaL

    I want to get up the gumption to believe that the things I make are pretty enough and useful enough that someone will want to buy them. I have a hard time believing that I am good enough, or whatever. SO perhaps these are really TWO things on my life list: to really believe in myself and to just do it!

  110. Mary Mihaha

    What a lovely giveaway! One of the goals on my list is to grow the confidence to do more paid freelance photography jobs. I need to make the time to practice, practice, practice and then go out there and get me some clients.

  111. Becki

    One of the things on my life list is to start riding my bike to work on a regular basis. It would be better for the environment and would count as my daily exercise!

  112. Courtney

    I realized how many of my life list items are travel related after thinking about my “must do’s”. I think my biggest item in that subcategory is living in another country for at least 6 months.

  113. Lindsey

    I want to run. I have a condition that makes that difficult, but not impossible. I am getting ready to start the Couch to 5k program and I can’t wait to feel the wind in my hair!

  114. Kate

    Thank you for including Canada in the giveaway! I have lofty goals on my life list like give a keynote and become a VP (of a department at work, not like America) but what I’m tackling next is “have curly hair” — I have always wanted it!

  115. Rachel P.

    Have an adventure in Italy with my soon to be husband so he can see the town where his grandfather came from.

  116. Heidi Devereaux

    Mine is not a very exciting one but I feel it would be life changing if I would really (really) clean out my closet and be honest about what I wear and what needs to go away!

  117. Mo

    I have a two-year old son; my newest addition to my Life List is seeing him light up at Disneyland.

  118. Karen

    Next up on my life list:
    Get Married
    See San Francisco

    All happening in about a week. Yay! Also, I will be using your guide to SF, Maggie. Great info!

  119. Adrianna

    My only Life List goal for this year is short, but hardly simple:
    Complete my grad school applications.

  120. kate lu

    your life list concept is so wonderful. one thing on my life list is to go on an archaeological dig. i have essentially no training or education that would qualify me for this – but i’d love to do it just the same!

  121. Karen

    on my life list is to get my health issues in check – it’s currently underway! I’ve been able to get off my blood pressure medication thanks to meditation, exercise and a vegan diet; and am working on the rest.

  122. Karyn

    one thing on my life list, go to an isolated tropical island somewhere for a while. was never as much a priority as it is now.

  123. Malia

    I love this giveaway!

    On my life list is to get a piano and resume the piano lessons I took as a kid. I want to learn to play Rachmaninov!

  124. Sara Eileen

    Next on my life list is to submit 10 fiction (or non-fiction) pieces to 10 different submission calls within 1 month. I have 6 calls lined up for December that are all appropriate…now I just need to finish the pieces!

  125. Lisa

    I am still working on my life list, (can I have on my life list to write my life list, just wondering?) but I would love to learn how to make edible bread from scratch. Everytime I try it doesnt work out. I get a dense loaf or should I say lump of something resembling bread. I have a friend who can ‘whip up’ some bread like nobody’s business, she WILL teach me this winter :)

    Maggie, thank you for being you and bringing all of us crazy people together with your life list and for getting all of our sorry selves in gear to do our lists. *hugs from a stranger*

  126. reb

    Fashion upgrade. It’s slow progress to kick off my (long ago) college days uniform, but a new haircut helped!

  127. poptart

    To attend Camp Mighty and learn how to use the saber to open champagne! And to actually put pen to paper and start my life list.

  128. Pansy

    Life list item: learn to play the mandolin so I can duel with my daughter on her ukulele. Thanks to you and other summiteers for inspiring all of us to define and document our dreams.

  129. heather

    i have a life list BECAUSE of you, maggie. so thank you for that.

    for every one thing i cross off, i managed to add two more to do, but by far the thing i am proudest of recently crossing off is reaching 60lbs lost and putting me halfway to goal! it also put me closer than i have ever been to crossing off the Number One- skydiving.

  130. kara sue

    To eat lobster in Maine. My husband and I have never been to the Northeast together, and this is high on our list. Amazing collection of goodies!

  131. Damaris @KitchenCorners

    This has got to be the most amazing giveaway I have ever entered. Woah. How generous. I’m working on a gratitude project. I’m trying to focus on one thing that I’m thankful for each day and doument it.

  132. EmilyM

    To go to Japan. It’s intimidating to me to go (price, language…), but I would love to experience the culture of this country!

  133. Marie-Claire

    My goal for the year is to let go, and stop telling people how hard I’m finding it to have a baby.
    Wait – let me explain.
    When I was small, a series of tragedies in my family (some truly horrific, some everyday, all at once) imprinted on me the feeling that if you love something, you stand a good chance of losing it.
    My rational brain knows this is absurd, but my small, terrified, emotional brain won’t let me forget this lesson.
    And now that I have a beautiful, lovely, amazing little girl, I’m paralyzed at the thought of something happening to her. And I’ll act tough and focus on the difficulties when someone asks me about her, or compliments her.
    Soon she will understand what I am saying, but she won’t understand why I’m saying these things instead of the things I whisper to her when it’s just the two of us… that I love her, that I’m so happy to have her, that she makes me laugh a million times a day.
    So my mighty life list is might small at the moment, but I figure this is pretty important.

  134. Emily

    Maggie! I always hope, hope, hope that I get something from your always fabulous giveaways. Pick me, pick me!

  135. megann

    Thank you for this, you inspire me more than you’ll know. I am up to 17 bullets on my LL right now, about to cross one off in 3 weeks, eat in Chinatown in SF! But the one I am really looking forward to planning is road tripping from denver to the pacific coast. I miss the beach.

  136. Megan C.

    I need to take yoga/meditation seriously. Learning to breathe will be the hardest thing for me, but absolutely necessary.

  137. RK

    I feel like going big this year. I’m going to finally make a living off of things I create.

    And master the pie crust.

  138. eve

    I just crossed two items off my list in one fell swoop: take a vacation with my sister and visit California. Both were just as awesome as I had hoped.

  139. Peggy

    On my life list – learn how to do those really loud wolf whistles. I can whistle, but only the regular, happy tune kind. There’s been a number of times lately where I needed to get people’s attention and being able to whistle loudly would have really come in handy.

  140. Jenna

    My number one on my life list was start a family and judging by my belly, things are coming along nicely. A bag of goodies would be a nice treat for me!

  141. Jamie

    Life List #42 – get my picture taken in a boat on the water, with the Sydney Opera House behind me. Going to happen in a few short weeks – I’m headed to Australia on my honeymoon!

  142. JennyA

    Volunteer on an archeological dig!

    (Those necklaces are both so pretty. And so appropriate for an archeological dig, don’t you think?)

  143. Lindsey

    as a mom of two little guys my goal right now is to simply write a life list. it will be so nice to have a list that doesn’t send me around the grocery store or keep track of errands or necessary home improvements…

  144. Sara

    I just started my life list this month and realized that Maggie is my Oprah. I’ve found so many good blogs and ideas through you, thank you.

    Number fifteen on the life list: learn to design and sew my own clothes

  145. Sam E.

    I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano. It’s such a simple goal, but I can’t wait!

  146. Lyndsee

    Before the end of the year, I’d like to hike the Appalachian Trail. That could happen, I think.

  147. Amber B

    I want to take my kids on a month long vacation to Europe. They will be teenagers soon and it would be great to have grand adventure together before they go through that “my parents are embarassing” phase!

  148. Sara

    What a gorgeous collection of stuff! I want to ride my own motorcycle, eat street food in the Old City of Jerusalem, kiss in the rain in London, and play my ukulele in public :)

  149. Sarah

    But what if my name actually is Sarah? The first thing on my life list is to actually write down my life list. Absent that, the biggest thing on my list already happened. Get married to the man of my dreams at the top of Vail mountain, on skis, in a dress. And then we skied down, hand in hand, and are living happily ever after.

  150. Jen

    Sail across the Atlantic in 35-ish-foot-long sloop. Has been on my “list” since I was seven, probably.

  151. Kelly Dyer

    My three year old daughter’s middle name is Sakura. I want to take her to both Washington DC and Japan to see the trees after which she is named.

  152. Christa

    I accomplished a major life goal by having a beautiful baby boy in august. A current life goal is to go to New York City.

  153. Emily

    I had a baby this year, which was a pretty big deal. I still want to buy a house, but that’s on hold until we figure out where we are going to live long term. Maybe a good item would be to get through the holidays at my in-laws without secretly wanting to kill someone?

  154. Katie

    Something life list-y, you say? One of my new goals is to master hand embroidery so I can make incredible housewarming/birthday/anniversary/Happy Tuesday gifts.

  155. raych

    I’m busily working away at #21: Have some babies. I figured I’d start with one baby (due in Dec) and see how I like the thing.

  156. Trasherati

    One of my top 5 list items is “dress cute”. Which doesn’t sound that challenging, but I trend toward the frumpy end of the spectrum, and crave many of the thrown-together-yet-look-effortlessly-awesome looks I see on Mighty Girl.

  157. amybee

    A trip to India with my daughter. She’s 7 and says she wants to be a world traveler. Is that cool or what?

  158. Kate

    Every time you feature the dahlia jewelry, I think about buying one. Maybe I’ll finally go through with it.

  159. Stephanie

    After multiple losses, I’m finally eight weeks pregnant with our last baby. It’s been a huge struggle, and I’ll be thrilled when I can say I beat the odds!

  160. Jessica

    one thing that has been on my life list for a long time is to start my own dessert business. i can proudly say i began the process and have my first event in 2 weeks!

  161. Mrs. Kate B.

    What a lovely giveaway. On my life list: become a runner to experience that runner’s high everyone talks about, and also get my PhD.

  162. Carla

    Figure out what I want to do when I grow up. With any luck, something that involves writing and advocacy. With even more luck, this will also involve a paycheck. And visit Australia to hang out with Lloyd and Tigh. Not necessarily in that order.

  163. Tana

    Such lovely things!

    First item on the life list I just started writing this very morning: read 1000 books.

  164. JoAnn

    I do school year life lists sort of a new beginning with the kids as they start off a new grade…

    This year: return to writing, use my camera more and take time for tea with friends every month.

  165. Rachel

    i just checked “visit hawaii” off my life list!
    i also added “go on a sunset hot balloon ride”

  166. Abby

    One on my life list: To re-learn all of the kanji I have forgotten and recommit myself to studying Japanese!

    Love these giveaways and your site! Always inspiring.

  167. Corri C

    Funny how part of what the life list shows you is to jump at opportunities as they come along. Soon I will be going to Korea, something I never would have dreamed I’d do. In the meantime, however, it’s time to finish writing that book.

  168. Sheryl

    I am very neglectful of ME. One of my goals was to find something good I could do for me, that benefits as many aspects of myself as possible. How is that for vague? To that end, I found a wonderful community acupuncture practice, in my neighborhood, that is affordable to me. I now go once a week, and it’s heaven.

  169. Jenn

    My life list includes going to England to visit my family. My mom and I are finally planning to go next Spring and I’m even more excited about the trip because I get to go with her!

  170. Andrea

    Life list item: Spend the first Christmas after getting tenure in Paris. (The last time I was there was Christmas season during grad school.)

  171. Mandi

    I really want to start a non-profit based on helping low-income families be self-sufficient (through gardening, making own clothes, etc.) I’m still struggling with the how, but I’m only 25, so hopefully I have a little time to work on that part :)

  172. Jessie

    What a great goody bag! I’m still working on making a life list, so this might be the thing to make me sit down and draft one.

  173. Flora Reed

    One thing on my life list is to taking a painting class and eventually create a passable landscape. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  174. Jessi

    One item on my life list has always been to go to Hawaii. I am fulfilling that dream in January by participating in a mission through my church. We’ll be going to the island of Oahu to one of the poorest and impoverished parts of the state, where we’ll be helping homeless and poor people in many ways. I can’t wait.

  175. Shelley

    One of the things on my life list is to learn German. Other than a few catch phrases I learned for a trip last year, I haven’t progressed much further. I think it’s time to enroll in some classes!

  176. darah

    Tomorrow I’m completing my Reiki Master class – it’s been on my list 4 years. I have mixed feelings about crossing it off the list.

  177. Laura Brown

    I am getting ready to fulfill a big life list item: live overseas. Seriously, I’m packing right now!
    This bag of goodies would fit so well into my suitcase!

  178. Kristen

    I want to write a letter of rec for a future college student. I am a Therapist and I work with a lot of kids. I hope one day I can stand and bare witness to their hard work and dedication to change.

  179. Katie Jane

    One of my life list goals this year is to finish a Sunday New York Times crossword all by myself. I’ve gotten close, but haven’t quite been able to accomplish it yet. But I’ll keep trying until I do it.

  180. Chris C.

    Oooh, what a great goodie bag. I especially like the necklaces, and I’ve always wanted one of those totally preppy totes. I just checked off a couple things on my life list last month — backpack in Alaska and see orcas in the wild (WAY cooler than Sea World!)

  181. Danielle

    I had it on my life list to get more serious about my health. So far this year I’ve lost about 30 lbs. and the difference in how I feel is amazing.

  182. Jen F

    I’m still working on my list. My favorite one so far- Read a book in the reading room at the NY Public Library.

  183. Erin

    After seeing it in the design*sponge book, I want to start a collection of jars of sand from the beaches I visit. That means I have an excuse to go back to all of the beaches I’ve already been too. Woo hoo!

  184. Mary

    Oh man, I adore ALL of these things! I finally checked “go rock-climbing” off my list and love it so much I have to go again. I was always a bit intimidated but it was SO great– I’m glad I did it :)

  185. cj

    I just started putting my mighty list together. One big thing for me would be to take a chance on myself and follow my heart to become a real baker.

  186. Erica

    Re-upholstery. A wing-back chair, or maybe an old and beautifully carved sofa, or just an ottoman. I want to re-purpose a piece that my family will live with for years and will become a part of our family history. Or at least looks cute for a couple of years.

    Also, take cello lessons again. Last time was when I was pregnant with my baby – now 10 years old.

  187. samantha

    I am a mere seven weeks away from crossing off a big life list goal–finishing graduate school. The homestretch is going to be killer.

  188. Julie

    On my life list is to own a beach cottage. My husband and I have been looking at property along the ocean, and we’re one step closer to making the dream a reality.

  189. Signe

    I’m putting the finishing touches on a paper — hopefully will soon be crossing “publish an academic paper” off my list soon!

  190. atout

    My life-list item I’m focusing on now is having an urban vegetable garden. I love me some kale and beet and cannot wait until I’m able to just go out to my garden to get them!

  191. MeganBacon

    I want to go skiing…I’ve never been and have always wanted to go! Woo hoo for giveaways!

  192. Gwynne

    I love the life list.
    My little goal is to do something little every day that brings me joy, and I’m doing ok at it. My big goal is to own a cabin in the mountains.

  193. Alex

    I want to visit 50 botanical gardens around the world. With a stop at the Huntington Gardens in LA on a work trip a few weeks ago, I’m halfway there!

  194. Erin

    In the next year, I will make a terrarium and bench press 100 pounds. Someday, I will sing a whole song in key (this will require serious professional intervention), and drive my car on a racetrack.

  195. Liz

    My Life List hangs on my fridge, and I spotted this one today during breakfast: Visit South America. Time to start saving for those plane tickets…

  196. Heidi

    You are nice, Maggie.
    I am currently learning to skateboard. Here’s hoping I don’t need to pack clothes in that tote while I take my broken ass to the hospital.

  197. Elisabeth

    This year we WILL have a garden at our elementary school! It’s been on my Life List and finally starting to happen! It took me a while to figure out that I can’t do it all by myself but that I have a lot of fabulous parents to collaborate with!

  198. Mutt

    I need to officially write down my life list. I have several things bouncing around in my head, but until they are in print they don’t seem attainable? Winning would be a nice kick in the rear.

  199. Andrea

    I love that you are constantly making me think about what it is that I love and what makes me happy. It’s hard to make yourself a priority. Thanks!

    My goal is to make 25 different pumpkin recipes this fall/winter.

  200. wendy

    I’d like to publish an article in an academic journal (and look sassy while I do it!) Thanks!

  201. Anna

    Hooray! Today is my birthday, and part of my celebration is to create my life list. No, I don’t have one, even though I’ve been following you for awhile. Anyway, the first item on my list is to run a 5k before my next birthday. I’m starting from scratch on that, so it’s a biggie, but not unachievable.

    Thanks for the entry!

  202. Jessica F

    My most recent addition to my life list includes a multiday horse back trip through the andes. … And our tickets our booked for this November!

  203. Amy

    Fingers crossed! Random from my life list: #43 See a European soccer game live, preferably Man U.

  204. Liz

    My most recent addition to my life list is to enjoy looking forward to good things, rather than want them to happen all at once. For example, my husband and I have mapped out our financial plans, and hope to start shopping for a new home in about 5 years. I would love to be able to shop and move into a new home now, but being able to spend time looking forward to it is nice!

    I so love the shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  205. Mandy

    Great prizes! I want to get enough stamps in my passport that I’ll need extra pages! Oh, and I want to learn how to make a delicious pie crust…from scratch!

  206. natasha

    I actually crossed off two things on my list last weekend:
    Eat lobster in Maine (holy cow was it delicious),
    and at the same time added a new state to my “visit all 50 states” goal.

  207. amy

    something i’ve recently added to my life list: become an employee owner of new belgium brewing. it pairs well with learning how to home brew …

  208. Rebekah Thomas

    I want to make my own quilt and have a garden (for the second one, I might need to move out of my apartment first) :)

  209. Nicole

    Become a US citizen. It’s been on my list for some time and this year I am going to fill out the paperwork and make it happen. Nothing like adding one more passport to the pile of travel documents every time we head home to Australia for a visit.

  210. Amy

    I love that the Life List entries have such range… consecutive on mine: Reprise high school trip to Scotland, floss daily, learn to knit.

    Adore the flats.

  211. Erica Lucci

    Make more art is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I recently found out a proposal I wrote for an art show was accepted so I’ll be making that piece of art soon!

  212. Cortney

    I’d love to learn to belly dance before I die! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome goodies!

  213. Sarah

    On my list is to tell a story at The Moth. The thing is I go to The Moth all the time as an audience member. I need to kick myself and make it happen.

  214. Stephanie

    A couple things I’ve crossed off my list this year: witnessed the birth of my nephew, climbed my second 10,000’+ mountain (AND did a multiple day backpacking trip in the process, double-dipping for those two Life List items), and I joined two new ladies’ groups that are entirely outside my circle of friends, in an effort to meet new people and push past my comfort zone.

  215. Daisy

    Most of my life list revolves around travel, however this year I have added achievements of aa more personal nature. I want to enjoy my job more and make more of an effort to be less of a hermit.

  216. Pickles & Dimes

    Thanks for hosting this contest! I love those shoes.

    On my life list is to go skydiving. My husband used to weigh too much to do so, but now he’s well under the maximum weight, so we’re both excited to cross this off our lists!

  217. cmb

    My life list changes all the time…one that’s still on there is taking my son on safari while he’s still a kid.

  218. Kate Malik

    You are such an inspiration. I wish I were as good at examining myself as you are. Or maybe I just wish I allowed myself to be as honest as you are.

    I want to learn to play piano.

  219. Susan

    Life List item 26: Need to learn how to use the sewing machine I’ve owned for a year. I have so many ideas for projects, but I can’t figure out the threading. Very cute items, I must say. :)

  220. Emily

    This year we got a dog, so check that off the list … I would love to host something akin to a Mighty Summit for all the amazing and inspirational ladies I know … I think that just got added to the list!

  221. Jessica

    I would like to learn to (and not be afraid of) make really good bread. Bread scares me, man.

  222. Alicey

    Hmm. I’m sad to see that the T&Cs now say “Open to US and Canada only” as I don’t live in those places. But I am going to enter anyway, and if I win, I’m happy to pay postage, or sacrifice the large items. I lust after that beautiful five ring necklace though. I *NEED* it!

    From my life list: Visit the Amalfi coast in Italy and make tarte au citron from the amazing lemons that grow there.

  223. Melanie

    This year has been unreal, so many “this wasn’t on my life list but damn it should have been” moments, that only now am I returning “in proper” to my published one. I’m making a 5 for the year list..maybe that will help.

  224. JeniG

    I would love to win! It’s my 31st birthday this week and I love all of these items. You have great taste, Maggie!

  225. Sara

    I LOVE the beautiful items you picked – so great! On my life list is to see more of the US. I would love to go to NYC or maybe have a beach vacation in Florida!

  226. Maggie

    I’m ticking so many things off the list in the next few months: Run a half marathon, write a book, teach my husband to waltz, have an opera recital and surprise someone with an airplane ticket.

  227. Megan

    I have hit upon something – meditation! ta-da! – that has given a depth to my list and life that I’d been longing for. I struggled for a while (and have commented here before) that what I really wanted – things like being more connected, a sense of belonging, a sense of being known – I was having trouble pinning down. How does one chase those things down to cross them off? Well, I don’t think one does, exactly.

    Meditation, while not yielding anything tangible, other than the realization that I have stupidly inflexible hips (so long, youth!), has cracked a door that I didn’t know was there. Nothing has happened, really. But it’s reaching toward the core of something that feels important. That’s all I can say for now.

  228. SAWK

    That tote is meant for me! My name is Sarah! As are the shoes. I really think they would love my feet.
    Anyway, if you’re into giving things away, I would love to attend your next event . . . . . .
    Be well. – SAWK

  229. Cheryl

    I want to organize my office. Seriously, that’s on my list – I work from home and I want one of those tidy, organized offices where you just KNOW the person working there likes their job. And can find things when then need them.

  230. Sara

    I just became a flight attendant (“have a job i actually enjoy” is now checked off the list) and have added “Travel to a city I’ve never been to before without a plan” to the list. Every time I go somewhere new its for work or for a specific event… I just want to pick somewhere random, go, and figure it out when I get there, ‘Yes Man’ style.

  231. jillya

    Lifelist: Organize a trip with all my girlfriends from high school. I have tried and failed for our 25th birthdays, and our 30th, I am hoping that 40 is the one!

  232. Rowena

    New life list item: discreetly pay the check for the next member of our armed forces I see in uniform when I’m at a restaurant and/or bar. My father served in the Navy for over 20 years and I’d like to think that some random stranger picked up the check for him at some point to show their appreciation for his work.

  233. Terri in SF

    Thanks for the opportunity – such pretty stuff! On my life-list is attending the Festival Chopin A Paris…or just PARIS! It WILL happen.

  234. Tamara

    An item on my life list is ‘attend [my college society] initiation again someday.’ After an 8 year absence, I have set plans to do so this November with one of my closest college friends.

  235. Laura

    I am playing paintball for the first time later this month, and I just threw out all my socks and underwear that I would be embarrassed to be wearing if I got hit by a bus. Next up . . . vacation in Costa Rica.

  236. jobonga

    I want to make writing a daily habit. I don’t care about getting published, I just want to stop waiting.

  237. Selena

    On my lifelist is to travel to SPACE! I just joined a company that is going to colonize Mars. Seriously.

  238. Raia

    I became (or maybe rather I am still becoming…) a mother this year! One day I want to take my daughter to Paris and giggle while we eat crepes.

  239. Amy

    I am starting on one of my life list items TODAY, which is leaving a perfectly responsible job much better than I found it to work for myself. I nervous and excited and, almost, overwhelmed by all of the potential.

  240. Shannon

    The biggest thing on my life list right now is to finish all my courses and the exam to get my project management certification. Then to get my level 1 French. Then to move back to Ontario. And to finally, finally, FINALLY master making my grandmother’s sweet rolls with bacon and onion….mmmm…..

  241. WKS

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for your generosity.

    I would love to take a first-class trip to Australia with my husband.

  242. Jennifer June

    I wrangled a big helium balloon in a holiday parade. I really did. Once you do something wacky on your list… it gives you a whole new perspective. Don’t you think? Hmmmm, where am I gonna find a cow?

  243. Kelly T

    I love those shoes … would be perfect to have at work when I forgot to wear closed toes ones.

  244. Nancy

    I’ve always wanted to bake a pie from scratch! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so it’s probably a good time for it!

  245. Peggy

    On my life list to do within the next few months – start a column on healthy and tasty recipes – to combine my love of writing and food. Not quite ready to blog – will dip my toes by writing for my gym’s newsletter!

  246. Heather

    Life list: Establish a sensible closet with a few fantastic pieces I am excited about wearing.

  247. Megan

    I am not ashamed to admit that I did the Electric Slide in my office parking lot today. Thank you, XM radio and my mighty list for helping me throw caution to the wind.

  248. Kate S.

    I just added something to my life list this week–spending a month in Detroit. In the past year, I’ve read more than a dozen articles about Detroit, sat mesmerized by a photo series of “feral houses” and watched two documentaries about the changes being made there . . . it’s a strange and inspiring kind of revolution. My husband would never agree to move there and even I’ll admit it’s way, way out of my comfort zone. But, we’re going to go, and we’re going to spend a significant chunk of time there.

  249. Jamie

    I still need to create a life list. I think it will help give me goals to think about long-term other than “find my house under the piles of baby clothes and dishes.” So, right now, Goal #1 on my Life List is to “Write a life list.”

  250. heather

    Not sure when it will actually happen (when, not if), but very high on my life list is to introduce my daughter to her birthmother and siblings. She’s only 4 now, but I want her to know the other piece of her family.

  251. Sharon

    Just found your blog and love it! My Life List is still in my head; you inspire me to write it down and be more intentional. One for-sure item: own a digital SLR camera!

  252. Ainsley

    ‘Have another kid’ was number two on my lifelist. She’s almost four months old now, and the fattest, happiest person I’ve ever met. ‘Have another kid’ is now number one on my lifelist.

  253. Erica R.

    Seeing the northern lights has been on my Life List forever… and now a friend and I are planning a trip to Norway for that exact purpose. SO excited!

  254. sarah

    the idea of a life list scared me initially, because my gut reaction was stress about a number of goals that i was afraid i wouldn’t accomplish, and then i’d be disappointed in myself. so glad that i got over that :) i still think that one of my top (and most scary) life list items will be investing in a house–one that’s not the home i live in, and is solely for me to fix up and re-sell. i’d like to have that done within the next 5 years.

  255. Maren

    I just looked at my lifelist for the first time in a while and felt kind of sad at how over-ambitious it is — everything on it involves lots of money (travelling, paying off debt, getting my pilot’s license), or at least a long-term time investment (learning the guitar). But there at the bottom was camp at Hdden Springs again with friends or family, and I just went there with my husband last month! It’s a glorious campground in the Humboldt redwoods off the Avenue of the Giants where my family has been going since the 1960’s, and I hadn’t been in years. So yay, one thing off my list and I didn’t even know it.

  256. Ayse

    A few years ago (well, a bit more than that), I made a life list. Then I proceeded to knock off pretty much everything I could on the list in rapid succession, and I’m left with a few really, really impossible goals that take an incredibly long time. Funny how a bunch of things that seemed so unattainable when I wrote the list turned out to be trivial to do once I actually decided to just do them.

  257. Christen

    Running a 10k is on my list, and I’m training now. Doesn’t hurt that Fall is my favorite running season – air is crisp and the scenery is gorgeous.

  258. Charlyn

    There is a lot of travel on my life list. I’m planning a trip to take my kids to Italy in the spring. I love watching them discover new things!

  259. Beth

    Previously: Take the kids to Disney!

    Updated: Take the kids to Disney with Grammy before her chemo becomes debilitating (we’re going in November – yay!)

  260. Rebecca J

    On life list: compile all goal lists in one place so as to actually do the things on them! Learn how to olympic weight lift. I see tiny girls in the gym doing it – they are such an inspiration. Maybe those Tiek shoes would help me do it?

  261. Carolyn

    I’ve had a “life list” since I was fifteen years old (I’m now in my forties). Every time I’ve crossed something off my list, I’ve added a new goal, and I must say . . . it’s made for a very interesting life so far. This past October I finally crossed off “take my sister on a girls-only trip somewhere fabulous” and it was better than I could have ever hoped. She survived her first transAtlantic flight (something she was very nervous about) and I survived the stress of planning the entire trip. We spent ten days exploring Rome, driving around Tuscany and having the time of our lives. We had been wanting to do this for the last ten years and now I just can’t wait to do it again. Next up: in two weeks she’s flying out to visit me here in California and we’re driving up to the Russian River Valley to go wine tasting and hiking in the redwoods.

  262. kasaro

    Recent addition to the list: take more photos (particularly of me & M). There should be some documentation of the adventures and fun were having during this wild time in our life together.

  263. wintor

    What a nice giveaway – thanks! My life list includes things like write a cookbook, get into crow pose for more than three seconds at a time and live in the Mission Mountains in a yurt for a year…

  264. Brandy

    This giveaway is spectacular. Thank you (and Helen Jane and Laura) so much!

    I am checking a few things off my list this month:
    Swing Dance lessons!
    Apple picking and making a pie!
    A sisters (there’s 3 of us) weekend!

    All of this is happening next week – I am beyond thrilled.


  265. Beth

    I’m about to embark on life list item “major house renovation project,” which translates to, “rip out the finished parts of the basement, which were done without a permit and also poorly, and re-finish the basement, including adding a bathroom.”

  266. cs white

    One day I’d like to live at the beach. I’ve actually started to develop a plan to make this happen (even though it will take years to get there).

  267. Arrie

    I’ve recently crossed a couple accidentals off my list… feel an earthquake and win a raffle.

  268. dorrie

    Working on the life list item: try to stop interrupting…it’s HARD, y’all! Thanks for the nice giveaway

  269. Samantha

    To have a convertible, to knit a sweater, to keep my house clean for more than 2 consecutive days, daily yoga & meditation.

  270. Susan Sharp

    I just wrote my life list! Most items are travel related, but the big one, and the one I think I can cross off soonest, is living in a foreign country for a year.

  271. steph

    I often say I would like to eat and drink my way around the world. I saw in the NYT over the weekend that there are classes all over Europe about how to make croissants and how to preserve charcuterie meats… I think someday I need to do those things. So I am putting all of this on my life list.

  272. Joanne

    Learn to play the spoons; learn to wolf whistle; sail myself around the Aegean. Do all three at the same time.

  273. lorie

    A big item on my life list is something many people take for granted – I want to travel internationally and I never have. But thanks to a new job I just started, I’ll be checking that off in January! I filled out my passport application today. :)

  274. DLG in Mich

    I’m working to visit each of the lower 48 states with my boys before they graduate from high school (they’re 9 and 10). When they graduate, their gift will be a trip to Alaska, then a trip to Hawaii.

  275. Tara

    Move my whole family – kids included – abroad for two years, preferably so somewhere non-English speaking.

  276. JK

    I’ll quit this job (that I hate) and get myself into a much better job (that I love, or that at least doesn’t make me want to prod my boss with pointy objects).

  277. Lisa K

    The last thing I crossed off my list was a swim in the biobay in PR – so cool! (Also cool – convincing 6 women that this was a valid activity for a bachelorette party [not mine]).

  278. madeleine

    Run a marathon. I’ve checked off a half marathon, and now my sights are set on 26.2 miles…

  279. Jessica T

    This fall, I am applying to doctoral programs, which is something I’ve considered for years but never really thought I could do. Now that I have a young son and my husband is finishing nursing school, it seems the timing is right! I’m terrified, but moving forward :)

  280. Seth Strong

    I want to be a local rapper with one hit that makes it mainstream. I want to develop one game indie or better that grabs the attention of a hundred thousand gamers for a little while. Lastly, I’d like to run my own company and it really doesn’t matter the details of that company for now.

    Those are my nigh impossible bucket list boxes.

  281. Tanya

    One thing on my life list is to attend Mighty Summit. :)
    Another thing I’m working on now is taking a dance class. I’ve been searching for a school around me that will be a good fit.

  282. Jachel

    Take A family camping trip. Roughing it, sleeping on the ground, cooking outside…I can’t wait.

  283. Kristin

    Thanks for always offering these treats! The life list goal I am working on is to travel to all 50 states. I’m currently on a trip visiting 31, 32 and 33. :)

  284. Leigh

    My life list right now revolves around getting my family finances back in order. This has been a very tough year for us and we need to rebuild our nest egg.

  285. Torry

    I crossed ‘Start a vegetable garden’ off my list this summer; am loving watching my little patch of goodness grow!

  286. Sherry

    A happy dream I have on my list: Attend the Kentucky Derby one day. Of course, I’ll wear pick out and be sporting a fancy new hat for the occasion.

  287. Naomi

    Thanks for making me revisit my list. I realized that I haven’t accomplished anything on it since January 2011! So I am going to learn to french braid this weekend.

  288. Heather

    Send one hand-written correspondence (letter, thank you card, greeting card) per month.

    Also, hurrah for contests open to Canadians. Thanks.

  289. Laura

    One of the dreams on my life list is to visit Peru and Machu Picchu and I’m pretty sure I would rock the hell out of those flats in Peru!

  290. Cheryl

    I will absolutely positively finish writing that mystery novel that’s been on the shelf for far too long!

  291. Maggi

    This is the best giveaway I’ve seen in ages! My latest Life List addition is: Make a timpano! It’s an elaborate italian pastry full of pasta, salame, cheese, eggs and LOVE. Maybe for the holidays!

  292. Elis

    I will write my life list! :)

    Seriously, I only have a few things on there right now, and I’ve been meaning to sit down and add to it for a while. I keep doing things that I realized would have been on the list if I had taken that time (like taking trapeze lessons).

    One item that IS on my short little list is to learn how to perform a Japanese tea ceremony.

  293. Debbie

    Simplify! I want less choices in my closet, less stuff in my garage that I will never use, and thus more time for the good stuff.

  294. Laura

    Plan a 3 week trip (not vacation)and take it in the next year. Perhaps the silver back gorillas in Rwanda…

  295. Kelly

    Checked off the list this year: Belly dancing classes.
    Added to the life list this year: Cello lessons
    Yay for lists!!

  296. Jennyroo

    ohhhhh, I think I love everything that you have included for the giveaway! Hope I am a lucky winner. One of my life goals is to travel through Europe. I will get there someday!

  297. nikkiana

    Right now the thing I’m working on from my life list is learning how to cook… It’s been a struggle seeing as it’s not exactly my favorite thing to do, but I’m trying!

  298. Lisa

    I know this is going to sound totally sycophantic, but having a drink with Maggie Mason is totally on my list.

    Also on my list: take my family and live abroad for a year (or more).

  299. Brandy K.

    Love your spirit of giving..ness. Thank you for offering these items. I covet the bamboo necklace, but I think the book would be more enriching to my life.

  300. Finch

    My life list includes swimming with sharks in the wild (and preferably not dying and having it be the last thing accomplished on my life list).

  301. Lisa in Athens

    Owning a house. I know, compared with others, I seem so mundane but this is a life goal for me.

  302. Jaime

    I want to visit New York City in the fall and splash in the crisp colored leaves in Central Park! My 30th birthday is next year, so I am planning a girls trip to New York October next year to cross this one off my list and commemorate my twenties!!!

  303. Robin

    Take my mom and daughter to Paris is high on my life list.

    Also, to attend a Mighty Summit is also on the list.

    Thanks for encouraging all of us to have life lists.

  304. Smedette

    My husband has been very supportive of my Life List and always tries to work in creative ways to cross things off it when we’re traveling.

  305. Sarah

    In two weeks I’m taking myself on a trip by myself – to see the amazing graffiti and architecture in Montreal, to Niagra Falls, and to simply spend a few days relaxing away from work. Three life list items in one fell swoop!

  306. Amy

    You’re pretty great at putting together gift bags – no one getting any of these lovely and useful things would have to feign excitement.

  307. Liz

    This probably sounds silly, but item numero uno on my life list is to make a life list. Item #2 is to do one thing on my life list. So if I actually make a life list, I’ll have 2 things done right off the bat. I chose those two things to be #1 and #2 because I’m really bad at wanting to do things but never getting around to planning them, let alone doing them. So they’re kind of like my little commitment to myself that, hey, we’re doing this, yo.

  308. Courtney

    I want to visit Ireland and see where my ancestors are from. Also, learn how to cook a whole fish.

  309. kate

    What fun! I really covet those shoes!

    Tops on my life list:
    *Skydive for my 50th birthday
    *Make my daughter’s dream of going to Africa possible
    *Learn to tap dance and/or clogging
    *Live abroad with my husband, preferably Italy or Spain
    *Go back to the cabin in Idaho where I grew up and walk trail through the woods again.
    *Have my own horse someday.

  310. vanessa

    its’ a bit embarrassing, I’d like to get a stamp in my passport. Getting a passport was on my list. So at least there is general progress. woot.

  311. Debbie

    I wrote a life list in 2006 then promptly forgot about it. I re-visited it while packing up my apartment to move, and realized that the biggest things on the list (getting my university degree, learning to scuba dive, traveling with my husband, and beginning a career in a field that I love) have been crossed out and then some.

    The last five years have been a time of incredible growth for me, and Mighty Girl has inspired me along the way. Just think how much more I could accomplish if I were *intentional* about my life list! Thanks, Maggie, for being so awesome.

  312. Wendy Ellington

    Life List Item #3: Swing or jive dance with a man I care about. (But I probably need to do Item #2 (Learn to dance. Swing. Jive. Two-step. or Ballet) first. That’s a twofer!

  313. kat

    My Life list includes Photograph a friend’s wedding- which I am going to cross off tomorrow! I am SO excited!! It’s so much more personal when it’s close friends.

  314. Amy

    Spend autumn in New Zealand, which it looks like I’ll get to do early next year for a belated honeymoon. (We’re taking “Cuddle Class” on Air New Zealand just to be extra-shmoopy.)

  315. Kelly

    Gosh its hard to pick which thing on my life list, but I think I’ll go with ‘hike part of the appalachian trail’ – that’s meant to be multiple days in a row, but not the whole thing. I just think going into nature for a few solid days and pushing yourself physically is something I could use to help me mentally and physically.

  316. Christine

    I made a “30 before 30” list last year and successfully removed “lose 80 lbs” this year! I still have skydiving, teach my son to read (he’s only 3) and learn to sew that I need to accomplish before June 20th 2012!

  317. Tia

    On the list:
    -Travel to see the Hermitage in St. Petersburg
    -Take my kid to see kangaroos
    -Write a children’s book
    -Invent a new flavour of ice cream

  318. Christine

    Umm my comment above has the wrong email address attached to it….I’m NOT trying to enter twice.

  319. Keri

    Start my own organizing/archiving business. I started working on it this week.

    Sarah Brown, if I win I’ll give you the necklace.

  320. Jill

    First thing on my list is to figure out what my list is. I start thinking of things like—be a cowboy, move to Italy for six months, master another language, train dogs to jump through hoops, learn to sew—and while some are doable, it seems so daunting I give up before I start.

  321. Devon

    I LOVE the fold-able shoes. GENIUS.

    I crossed something off of my life list recently: I went shotgun shooting and hit 2 clay pigeons! 2! That would be more than 0, which was the number I was expecting! :)

  322. Hannah

    Wow, what a great collection of goodies!

    On the life list:
    -Create an oral history.
    -Learn to swear in seven languages.
    -Attend the Last Night of the Proms.

    And thanks for the whole Life List idea in general. Mine has been great fun to create and work through.

  323. ruth

    visiting norway with my husband — which will be accomplished due being laid off unexpectedly, and then equally surprising — finding a job quickly and still capturing an extra month of salary!

  324. Jen

    My entire life, I’ve been promising myself I’d to go Holland and see the places my grandparents grew up. I finally did it, and took my baby boy along. My grandmother cried when she saw pictures of her great grandson in front of the house she was born in.

  325. Tamera

    Well, after a looooooooong lapse, I finally checked another thing off my Life List recently. Visit Seattle. It was lovely.

  326. tracy

    On my life list: learn to drive a stick shift, hike the Italian Alps, write a book, make a film, rent that cottage on the Cape nestled in the dunes with a panoramic view of the ocean.

  327. Kay

    You’re right – the jewelry *is* amazing! And yay, thank you for opening the contest to Canadians as well! :D

  328. Paige

    My list includes the item of sewing a garment I can be proud to wear. I started an online class a few weeks ago. While I am many projects away from making clothing, I have started and am enjoying the process of learning all the skills. I hope to have a lovely shirt by the summer.

  329. Erica

    A gorgeous collection!

    One thing on my Life List is to learn more about wine. I picked up Naked Wine last night, and even two chapters I’m realizing how much there is to learn. I love it!

  330. elizabetht

    oh wow. as always, a wonderful set of things!

    since it’s baseball season still (barely).. one of the life list items i can’t stop thinking about is visiting all major league ballparks. it’ll have to be a long term goal but… i really need to make it happen.

  331. Alyssa

    I need to get back to my life list. I had put it off, I hope to be crossing off a few things by the end of the year!

  332. Kristen

    “Learn Spanish” is on my Life List, and I’m easing into it by doing a couple things: 1) exchanging pleasantries with a native Spanish speaking coworker, 2) watching Spanish language channels, and 3) listening to Coffee Break Espanol while cleaning. I’m sure it’d be hilarious to observe. Adios! Love all the goodies!

  333. Sarah

    A hot air balloon ride had been on my life list since I was a little girl. IN the last couple of years I crossed off Dinner at The French Laundry and am working on tasting as many wines as possible!

  334. Isela

    This year we had a baby, sold our house and moved back to So. Cal….I’d love to win something to commemorate this, but having family nearby is a nice consolation prize.

  335. Erica

    Want. All of it.

    I would like to someday live in the Middle East and get really really good at Arabic.

  336. wendy

    as a freelance writer and artist, i need to establish a professional website and begin the scary journey of self-promotion (at least a decade late)!

  337. Melissa S.

    One of the items on my life list is to run a 5K. Not walk it, or kind of jog in: RUN. I am doing the couch to 5K program right now and am hoping that I can achieve this goal someday!

  338. Lise

    I want to travel more internationally, and had a dream last night about returning to Majorca, so Learn to speak Spanish (Apender a hablar español!) just moved to the top of my list.

  339. Sheila

    Two of my goals are musical:

    finally learn how to play that guitar my husband bought for me

    sing in front of a crowd

  340. Laura

    A fairly general answer, but I’d like to travel more: France, Germany, Prague, Iceland, Alaska, etc. etc. I’d also love to live abroad for a few months to a year.

  341. Anjali

    Currently I’m working on ‘Donate $10 every 10 days’ off of my Mighty Life List. This year I can also cross off ‘Travel to India’ and ‘Overcome my fear of pregnancy/labor.’ Now that I have that baby in my arms, he’s inspiring new items to add to my Life List every day!

  342. molly hunter

    Awesome giveaway!!

    #1 on my life list is to win this giveaway. he he.

    Truthfully, my #1 life list item is to see my husband quit his day job, so he can pursue his art career. We are saving every single penny we can to get to a point where we can quit the 9-5 and paint full time.

  343. ML Chan

    I’m hoping I’ll win but I’m probably going to share the prize with a couple of girlfriends over a girl’s night out!

  344. Faetra

    I am so glad that I discovered your blog- it’s been a total life changer. I’ve been hard at work on my life list and would love to attend an event some day. Thanks for being so inspiring! A goal on my life list has been to ride an elephant in Thailand or India. I am going in January! Can’t wait!

  345. Emily

    I want to improve my Spanish! My challenge will be to learn more and remember the many things I’ve forgotten from lack of use…

  346. mirabelle

    Go back to live in France again…this time take husband and baby and stay for at least a year!

  347. Maureen

    One of my life goals is to live in a different city. I know it won’t happen for a while, so I’m taking advantage of the interim time to see everything my home city has to offer.

  348. Kathy

    On my list: Take my kids to see how different parts of the country and world live. Volunteer with them. Show them that giving back is not only beneficial to others but to themselves.

  349. Katie RIcks

    I am hoping to cross one thing off my life list tomorrow. I have “throw a beautiful baby shower for someone I love” on my list and tomorrow I get that opportunity.

  350. Maria

    I want to read read great children’s books to my kids before they are too old to listen to me read (We’re working our way through the Roald Dahl collection now).

  351. Jeanne

    On my life list: Embrace the imperfection in my life and stop trying to be perfect. It’s been tough but it’s making me more relaxed and happier.

  352. Jacqueline

    I want to develop a writing workshop for teens. I’ve been teaching post-secondary for years, but I’ve always been terrified of working with teenagers (even though I have one of my own!) so this year, I want to conquer that fear and find a way to create a meaningful experience for teens through creative approaches to writing!

  353. Lauren

    I *JUST* started my life list a couple weeks ago in Karen’s chookooloonks Pathfinder class!
    list list items:
    – attend the redhead festival in Amsterdam (with several redheaded friends)
    -Sleep in a yurt (preferably in mongolia)
    -Try 150 new beers and see 100 new bands
    oh my gosh and the list goes on. and on. and on.

  354. Courtney

    I took skydiving off my life list for now, maybe when my small children are grown and independent I will put it back on. I think it is amazing how 5 years and the birth of two daughters changed my list…

  355. Desiree

    On my life list is a tour of ancient sites in Scotland (that fact that it would mean I might be immersed in the accent for a couple of weeks is a very pleasant side-effect). I’m working hard on this one!

  356. Sarah

    I’m not so comfortable in large bodies of water, so I have quite a few Life List items that will be triumphant cross-offs. One is swimming with manta rays, and I get my chance in 3 weeks!

  357. Cece

    Life List: Have a baby, take cooking classes in Thailand. Maybe not in that order……

    Short life list, Long goals, eh!?

  358. laziza

    I wish it were more world-changing, but nope: my big goal right now is to some day make perfect macarons at home. And to own that gold necklace.

  359. Casey

    My Life List is still a work in progress… I need to add more things that don’t cost money (ride the Orient Express doesn’t seem so possible when I just bounced a check), so suggestions are welcome!

  360. Emily

    I’ve wanted to learn to cross stitch and knit forever. Also, to open a champagne bottle with a knife. And to make a proper life list. That’s probably first on my list.

  361. Annika

    My feet are cold right now, and #56 on my list is Learn to darn socks, so I think I need to buy myself a darning egg and get to work. I have lots of handknit socks waiting to be repaired and I want to wear them!

  362. Kara

    In looking over my life list, I realized I’ve done two in the last few months without thinking about them – I had non-cheesy family portraits taken and took my son to Children’s Fairyland in Oakland. Now for the rest…

  363. Elizabeth

    On my list: Add 5 delicous good and yummy (and easy) Go To dinners to my list of recipes to make my family, Brining the total to 10.
    And attend an amazing photography workshop.

  364. Megan

    On my life list… travel to Egypt. It’s been on my list since I was nine years old, and it seemed a lot less scary back then.

  365. Jennifer

    Audition for some probably-awful community theater play – it’s on the list but the idea just scares the shBLEEPt out me! Want those necklaces.

  366. Jenny

    I’m working on a major life list item – become a mom. I’m seven months pregnant, so almost there! I think my next easier to tackle item will be to make an apple pie with a homemade flakey pie crust.

  367. Emily H.

    I would like to travel to a different foreign country every year for the rest of my life! Nothing teaches you more or takes you out of your comfort zone than traveling to someplace where you don’t know the language :)

  368. Sarah T.

    Climb a 14er was on the list – but I busted that one out (plus two additional 14ers) a few weeks ago. So check plus for that. However, now I’ve added “climb all 54 Colorado 14ers” to the list. Not bad for a girl who would couldn’t cross a parking lot 5 years ago.

  369. Delaney

    This year I’m crossing off “kick-ass Halloween costume” from my list!

    What an awesome set of stuff! You do good, Maggie :)

  370. Autumn

    I moved to my dream city (Portland, OR), so I can cross that off! Now my BIG life list item is to open my own business. Lots of little steps required to accomplish this, but I will get there eventually!

  371. Reid

    On my life list: Go to an amazing spa and get covered in mud and soaked in delicious oils. (Hey, I haven’t done it yet and it sounds like fun!)

  372. Tracy P.

    My husband and I went to Alaska for our honeymoon 16 years ago. It is on our family life list to go back…this time with our 3 children ages 11, 9, and 7. Hopefully within the next 2 years.

  373. KC

    Thanks for the chance…I truly love and would use everything included! Next on my life list…Halloween decorations the neighbors covet!

  374. DeAnn

    Visit all the continents…including Antarctica. Just like my grandpa did (who passed away last month, at the ripe old age of 91, having traveled consistently for nearly half his life).

  375. la_florecita

    Ooooh, nice stuff!! I just accidentally crossed something off my life list- “Arrive somewhere overdressed.” I’m so casual I didn’t think it was possible, until I accidentally did it. Go me?

  376. Jennifer

    I have crossed off some things from my list: run a marathon, get published. But there are still some big-ticket items awaiting my attention: finish my book and learn to play the accordion!

  377. Jessica

    I want to run a marathon. Last year my goal was a 5K a 10K and to look into a 10 miler. I ran a 5K and a 10K and then signed up for a half and did it! It was so much fun and so nice to have a regimented training program for just me. I made it work with childcare and our schedule and even though it was really hard for me, I did it. I cannot imagine how hard it will be to do the same for twice the distance, but I want to do it. It give me chills even to officially announce it!

  378. Kari

    Vorrei andare in Italia–a Roma!

    I’m already learning Italian, so Rome this summer would mean TWO life list items for the price of one. Well, not really. It would mean two things for the price of hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, but let’s not focus on that.

  379. Kim

    I am going to plan my wedding without freaking out! Seriously though, I am going to push myself for a promotion at work and take more time to be crafty at home!

  380. Melissa

    I saw when you first posted those flats… and I’ve been coveting them ever since! Unfortunately though, they don’t really fit into a student’s budget, since $135 can buy a lot of groceries.

    The good news? I get to cross off “Finish college… with honors” off my lifelist this spring. So even if I don’t win, maybe I will finally be able to afford those shoes on my own. :)

  381. Brynne

    I would like to run a 5k in the next year. It doesn’t sound like much but for me running at all is a feat.

  382. Nicole

    On my life list — Getting involved in humanitarian aid to bring technology and greater access to it, to Cuba.

  383. Niamh

    I have two goals that I would like to complete soon. The first is to learn how to refinish furniture. I have an old bureau and nightstand that I’d love to do something with…anything! The second goal is to run a half marathon…and I’ve just registered for one in CA in the spring!

  384. Kimberly

    This year I crossed swim in a bio luminescent bay, go to Paris and quit working for The Man and set out on my own off of my Life List. In their place I added figure out what I want to do professionally, live in Paris for 6 months and get married.

  385. Margie

    Creating a physical family tree is on my list, complete with as many pictures as possible, and I am having a wonderful time putting it together. Thank you, Maggie.

  386. Krista

    My goal for the year is to get to a point where I feel I’m ready to get married, before my boyfriend moves out of state.

  387. Heather

    Still on the List for this year: Quit smoking (again!). I still have time this year to get it done. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will also help me on another List item – SCUBA certification.

  388. Laura V

    #40 on my list is to learn to make (sew) shoes by hand! in the meantime, would love to win the tieks!

  389. Jennifer

    I really wanted to come to the summit. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the posts about it. I want to take a trip with my mother to see lots of art.

  390. sabrina

    I’m loving that tote bag, even if my name’s not Sarah. HA!

    One thing on my life list is to do something creative as a way of making a living for me and my family. Like opening a cafe with my friend.

  391. Kiera

    My life list includes various fitness goals, that 10 months ago I NEVER thought I would be able to fulfill, but now (after lossing over 60 lbs and getting back on my fitness track) I not only KNOW I can fulfill my fitness goals – run a half-marathon, 10k, triathlon, sub-30minute 5k – I am well on my way to making them a reality!

  392. Amy B.

    Right now my life list has one singular, short-sighted goal: Finish this damn half-marathon I’m training for without it killing me.

  393. Petey

    Right now, the only things on my life list are to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit Greece. I can’t even come up with a proper Life List!

  394. Alicia Brown

    #42-46 go like this:
    Buy a Roliflex and use it,”Enhance” a billboard or public sign, T.P. someone’s house, Read the entire Bible,Fire a gun.

    It’s the perfect smattering of good and evil doings.

  395. Isahrai

    Item #43: become more crafty/DIY savvy. This year gave me the perfect opportunity when I became pregnant. So far I’ve made curtains, 2 flower garlands, a throw pillow, a pendant lamp and 2 paintings. A year ago I would have spent a fortune and created a cookie cutter nursery but now every single piece has been made with love and the nursery has become my favorite room in my house… Baby Girl is supposed to arrive in the next week or two and I can’t wait to share all my craftiness with her!

  396. Theresa

    Wow, as I scrolled down the list kept getting better and juicier! If I can’t make it to the Mighty Summit, this is the next best option, for sure! Might inspire me to tackle some more of my life list – that tote would work great on the beach in Australia, wouldn’t it?

  397. Shannon

    I would love these gifts! Thank you for having such amazing giveaways. On my life-list for this year… create a human. Good, no?

  398. Heather

    I started one of my life list entries this week: tap dance lessons. It’s noisier and even more satisfying that I thought it would be.

  399. snozma

    Write a novel. Not a genius literary novel (although that’s on the list) but some potboiler bestselling novel that gets made into a movie attended by millions of fans. Also, prompts action figures.

    It’s been done, I know. But that means it can be done again!

  400. Elizabeth

    I would really like to continue to move towards being debt free. That’s my big life list goal next.

  401. Amanda

    St. Petersburg, Russia is high on my list- and it is a tantalizing possibility next summer! The bag would sure make a great carry-on…

  402. Elly

    #6: – Learn sign language and volunteer somewhere that requires me to use it. So far I can spell out my name, and a few other random phrases. It’s a start. I’ll get there :)

  403. Margo

    This year, I’m working towards making a life list! I’ve been following your blog for a while and have yet to make the commitment to a life list. I have two more months to write down all the ideas that have been floating around in my head.

  404. RebeccaD.

    Get SCUBA certified… its been on my list for years, I’ve been lucky enough to cross some of my items off this year, can’t wait to get to this one!

  405. Dawn

    One item on my life list is to become a professional photographer and one step in that direction is to put together a blog. That’s my goal this month ;)

  406. Heather

    Sew a piece of clothing for each of my daughters! Maybe I could keep all my sewing supplies (I have none yet) in that great tote!

  407. Clarissa

    Thanks for the giveaway! On the list this year: find a career I’m passionate about and travel to Costa Rica. The trip is providing to be far easier than the career!

  408. Katie

    I love the shoes, the necklace…the…the EVERYTHING!

    As for life lists I crossed off get into grad school!! Now I need to work on crossing off graduating and starting a career in a field where I will be helping people!

  409. Birdy

    I have one big list item for this winter – to learn to ski! I have lost a bunch of weight and have built a lot of muscle, so I am ready for the challenge.

  410. Anne

    I’ve been working on my list for the last month. Two new entries from yesterday: train a therapy cat to take to visit nursing homes; and renovate and decorate a mobile home from all found materials.

    Thanks for the opportunities, and all the inspiration, Maggie!

  411. Sara C

    Among other things on my list is planning a flash mob surprise for a friend or family member for their birthday.

  412. Michelle

    I bounced 3 checks today…it would be so nice to win a little something-something. Thank you Maggie!

  413. Melanie E

    On my list for this year is to create a collection of old family photos to display in my home. It currently includes several old wedding photos, a picture of my uncle in a band in the 60s, and a picture of my great-grandfather as a baby riding in a cart pulled by a goat!

  414. Adrienne O

    On my list- see the Santa Maria Novella in Italy. It took my breath away in Art History 18 years ago.

  415. Barbara

    Working on my Life List – almost complete. Who knew I could actually think of 100 things to accomplish that don’t involve work, work, and more work? Thanks for the inspiration!

  416. Absquatulate

    I will finally own up to one of the things I should do: prepare and eat okra. I know I know! Some people gasp at the thought that someone never has eaten okra. Well, that’d be this northerner, and I ought to correct that oversight.

  417. Eliza Eff

    While I’m new to following your site I am absolutely in love. You are such an inspiration and I really appreciate all the wonderful things you share.

    I actually started my life list in my first year of high school, and I’ve been adding to it ever since. The list is now close to one hundred things I plan to accomplish in my life and I’ve since broken it down into more manageable categories.

    One of the things at the top of my list is: LEARN HOW TO FIX CARS

    I’ve been working on this, I did take a shop class in high school and I’m tinkering with my little rust bucket as things come up. It’s a long process, but somewhere down the road I know I’ll have a girlfriend say “I really need to take my car in to get the spark plugs changed” and I’ll be able to say “Oh! I can do that for you! Bring your car over on Saturday, I’ll take a look and we can go buy the plugs together.”

  418. Jenny

    After closeting my desire for a long time, I’m learning to play the accordion. I bet you can imagine just how hard and fun it will be.

  419. Beth C.

    I’m 43 cheeses into my “Try 100 cheeses.” life list item. This is almost purely fun seeing as though I LOVE cheese. But word to the wise: Stay away from the Hooligan. Unless you like the idea of a cheese that tastes like you just licked the unwashed foot of a 15 year old boy who has been wearing his Chucks without socks all summer long.

  420. Charlene

    I am two months away from finishing my Masters Degree. It has been one hell of a ride! Check mark!

  421. Jessica B.

    Learn to be a better seamstress. Go to Italy with my husband. Skydive again. RV across country. Make babies. The list goes on…

  422. Hayley

    I hope it’s not too late to enter! I checked off several big life list things this last year, and now I’m trying to figure out what to do in the next!

  423. Jenn

    I want to live for 6 months somewhere that English is not the native language, or a terribly convenient one

  424. melanie

    I am excitedly starting to work toward “get my Master’s degree” right now – I crossed off my Bachelor’s in May and just thinking about moving forward with my education is getting me all giddy.

  425. Laura

    Amazing prize! One item that’s really on my radar right now on my life list is to take my business from a level of barely sustaining itself to being able to hire an administrative assistant within one year. That’s my business one. A fun one that scares me a little bit? Sing karaoke in public!

  426. Stacey

    Something on my life list, which I hope to accomplish this summer, is to do an extended volunteer trip to Cambodia. :)

  427. lalalovely lindsay

    train for/run a 5k race – i was never one that had to work out until my junior year in hs. i was diagnosed with PCOS – i was told that i may never have kids on my own and i gained weight like it was my job. now, i have two beautiful children, one adopted and one home-grown and i want to be healthy and a good example for them. i think that this will be a step in the right direction for me!

  428. Lindsey

    I’m hoping to start a community book club this year, after wishing someone else would start one! These items are all so lovely, how thoughtful of you to share.

  429. Chrissie

    Ziplining through the Appalachian Mountains! (and attend a Mighty Summit :)

    Thank you for the give-away!

  430. Sarah Bella

    What a give away; I want every single item!

    A major life list moment is upon me. I just submitted my application to Sonoma State University. I have attended way more junior colleges than I would like to admit, but I am finally moving on to the next phase. Hooray!

  431. Truda

    One of my goals is to have an article published in a national magazine.

    Love the jewelry in the give away!

  432. Tara

    Life List Item- Clear out years of clutter with massive yard sale, spend the proceeds extravagantly (or, as extravagantly as you can spend yard sale earnings).

    Sale is next weekend… waiting to see what sort of extravagance I arrange. Hoping for at least some impracticality.

  433. Meagan

    On my life list: to live somewhere other than California, even if it’s just for a short time. I’d lived here my whole life and want to see another part of the country!

  434. Mags

    Love this giveaway. You Mighty Summit peeps sure are generous.

    Life List Item #72: Learn how to roll a kayak. It’s been on my list since before I had a list, and then a certain blogger showed me how its done…

  435. L&Z Mama

    Kayak the Napali coast in Kauai! Now I just need to learn how to kayak and get my butt in shape, one day!

  436. Elisabeth Tyler

    On my life list:

    Read a steamy romance novel in public. And be all into it.

    I’m also working on doing the splits. Both ways.

    This is the year!

  437. Becky

    I would say I just crossed something off my life list: speedboating with great friends in the south of France during the middle of a wedding reception, while wearing a formal dress and fascinator AND drinking champagne out of the bottle! Fantastic weekend, and makes me realize why my friend said, when we all dreaded returning to work, “in 40 years you won’t even remember where you worked, but you’ll remember this trip!” Must start on new ideas for the life list!

  438. Jill E.

    Adding 5 more things to my life list is my simple goal right now. It’s weird to me that I have a hard time coming up with a few things that would make me happy.

  439. Anne Phillips

    I am definitely going to milk a cow sometime in the next 365 days. Would LOVE the goodies!

  440. Liz L.

    The next thing I hope to accomplish on my life list is to have a natural childbirth and successfully breastfeed. I had trouble with both with my 1st child and I am due with the second soon. These are two very important things that I want to accomplish and experience.

  441. Jolie

    Just one thing on the life list? Tricky. My paintings in a museum, completing a long bike ride like Seattle to Portland, and to be interviewed on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

  442. Michelle J

    This year (eek 3 months left) I WILL make the time to take a photography class!! I’ve realized you have to make time or you will have time!

  443. Jen

    The latest three item’s I’ve added to my list: make sausages, host a fiesta, drive a motorbike.

  444. Katie

    I was able to cross something off my list this summer without planning on it. #25- Help a Stranger.
    On a hot summer day a homeless woman, that I often see, approached a friend and I as we were sitting on a bench eating ice cream cones. She wanted money. First, giving someone spare change wouldn’t cross this item off my list. Second, I actually didn’t have any money. I had ridden my bike and brought only a gift card for the ice cream shop. I told the woman this and she asked if I would buy her a cone. I said, “You want an ice cream cone??” Her: “Yeah.” Me: “What flavor?” Her: “Chocolate!!”
    If getting someone an ice cream cone isn’t helping, I don’t know what is.

  445. Judi

    So exciting! My life list is always a work in progress. This fall, I’m finally having a Trash the Dress photo session, after 2 years of marriage.

  446. CharlieSue

    What an excellent giveaway! I’m so excited to join the comment pool and HOPEFULLY win! :) THANK YOU!

    Something on MY life list? Having babies.

  447. Another Thea

    Oh, wow, these are such beautiful goodies! And they would come in especially handy, too, because travel (to Ohio, Alaska, Minnesota, and Spain, not necessarily in that order) is on my list. I’m very excited about my future adventures crossing the country (and the ocean) and can’t wait to make them happen!

  448. Jennifer Ruden

    Living in a foreign country for at least a year. I just returned from six weeks in Bali, so I’m a step closer to that goal. Or maybe a step back due to debt. But now I know that I can do it (with my husband and three year old daughter) and I must!

  449. Katie

    I’ve abandoned my list in a busy, overwhelming year, but am going to pull it out and see what to go for next!