Despite weeks of anxious keening whenever I tried to get near Hank with his elephant costume, it took Dad approximately ten minutes of coaxing to get our little guy suited up.

“How the hell did you do that?”
“I promised him chocolate.”

So Hank would put his hat on to obtain candy, and then remove the hat once he’d procured it. After about the fifth house, he just left it on. Suckah!

Later that night, Bryan settled in while I figured out what to wear to Meg and Rahul’s annual Halloween bash. I ultimately went as Mia from Pulp Fiction, because I randomly had all the elements in my closet.

Please note the faux hypodermic needle sticking out of my chest.

I was going to bloody my face, but Bryan advised against it on the grounds that the “needle” would only last 20 minutes or so and then I’d just look like some confusing modern-day Cleopatra zombie.

Shockingly, the needle went the distance. Around 2 a.m. I had to steady myself against a bathroom stall at the Makeout Room while another drunk girl peeled it off my chest. It wasn’t nearly as hot as it sounds.

30 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I, as well, am concerned that a fake hypodermic needle was one of the things you had in your closet. I’ve pulled this costume together on a couple of occasions, but I don’t tend to have fake-o medical supplies hanging around in my bedroom.

    I guess that’s one of the things that makes you awesome?


  2. I hope Bryan was Vincent Vega? Please, I hope, I hope.

    I did this with a friend about 10 minutes after the movie came out. No one had seen it, so the taped-on needle was pretty much lost on the whole party.


  3. This was brushed over by eager commenters, but let me get this right… You keep a cropped black bob at hand? For emergencies?

    You are an incredible woman, MM.


  4. How did you get the needle to stick? And where did you get a faux hypodermic needle? I’ve always wanted to do this costume, but refuse to do it without the needle and the logistics of that escape me. Please share!!


  5. My little one is Hank’s age and he went as an elephant too! So cute.

    Did I catch it right that Bryan stayed home with Hank so you could go out? Three cheers for Hubby!


  6. Brilliant! If I ever get a chance to dress up for Halloween again (I know, why do I need a reason? I just do!) I will be:
    1.) Charlie Brown in his hole-y sheet
    2.) A washed up beauty queen still wearing the sash from her last pageant win with smeared make up, outdated hair, too tight dress that’s seen better days and a cigarette.


  7. Re: Logistics…did you use one of those plungers that dispense baby medicine? they do resemble hypodermics and are lightweight. You could stick it on with some type of glue….Rubber cement maybe?


  8. You are an inspiration to us all.. especially those of us who horde anything that may one day work with a costume. I’ll stay away from fake needles as the sight will make me faint.. but give me blood and fake bones anyday šŸ™‚


  9. The needle is actually made up of a plastic tube that usually holds my tweezers, and a mechanical pencil stuck through a square piece of packaging plastic. Then Bryan spray-painted it silver. After it dried, I taped it to my chest with three pieces of fashion tape, which is just like toupee tape. I put a piece up both sides and the top of the needle, so the tape on my chest looked kind of like a bird’s foot. Does that make sense?


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