Cleaning Out My Wallet

2nd July 2008

For the sake of efficiency I’ve removed all the fortunes, tiny scraps of artwork, receipts for indecent things, currency from other countries, cowboy business cards, pretty leaves, and notes to myself to help me remember all the important things I no longer remember. And now, my wallet is tiny.

I feel less interesting.

72 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Wallet

  1. daisy

    Wallets are fortune magnets aren’t they? I’ve got at least five in mine… don’t know if that makes me interesting though, maybe just hopefully superstitious… I need more leaves and indecent receipts.

  2. pb

    Check your wallet again in 23 days. I’ll bet you a coffee drink of your choice or a gallon of gas that you’ll feel interesting again by then.

  3. Dawn

    After cleaning out my wallet, I always feel organized and more in control. Now if I could only apply that to the dining room table, the junk drawer in the kitchen, the spare room, etc…

  4. Astrogirl426

    23 days? I’ll take your bet and raise you a car wash and a box of Junior Mints (Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint– it’s delicious!) it takes 10.

    Of course, if we were talking about me, it would take approximately 43 minutes for my purse to return to a state of chaos. I think there might be a wormhole in there…

  5. Ms. Karen

    It’s good to know I’m not the only collector of things for my wallet. Especially fortunes.

    But the gum wrappers? They migrate in on their own volition. Creepy little things.

  6. bradleytee

    I cleaned out my wallet before my most recent trip to China. Among the standard, drivers license, credit and 4 business cards, I found over $300 in gift cards and refund cards that were waiting to be used up. So much for burning a hole in MY pocket…it took my lovely wife 23 seconds to lay claim to the secret stash and now we are less the credits and less an additional half inch of nonsense in my front pocket. And she seemed just fine with that.

  7. Cat

    A few years ago, I visited a good friend out in DC the same week his best friend from high school was visiting. I’d never met the guy but we all got along great, but he got me hooked on wallet trading. As kind of a getting-to-know-you thing, he pulled out a few choice weird scraps from his wallet and we swapped. We stayed in touch by email and continued to trade things (and spread our swapped goods throughout our networks of other traders), and are good friends to this day and hang out whenever we’re in the same city.

    It doesn’t really help keep my wallet clean though–now I pick up weird business cards and keep ticket stubs just in case I can get something good for ’em.

  8. Sam

    Ha ha – a skinny wallet doesn’t feel quite right does it!? You need to rush out and do some shopping and fill it up with useless receipts again!! ;-)

  9. Jeff

    I had my wallet cleaned out for me once. The contents slid right out of my wallet and magically down my ATM deposit envelope, straight into the machine. The bank had a great time going through the contents. “Counseling Center of Ann Arbor business card?” “I work there.” “Sure you do.”

  10. superblondgirl

    I like to sort of spread that crap out inside my purse – receipts tossed at the bottoms, notes to self scattered in tiny notebook with cute cover, in datebook, stuffed between pages of my current book, etc. etc. Then I can go longer without cleaning it out, because you can fit WAY more crap in a purse than a wallet. Also I stretched out the card holder things on my wallet and can’t keep things in it anymore, really, so I sort of have to do it the purse way.

  11. Dani

    My Wallet stays pretty clean but my puse not so much. The thing that weirdly accumilates in my purse is lip gloss. Which is odd because I pretty much only wear chapstick. Rite now there’s 10 lip glosses, 2 lip sticks, 1 lip pencil, & 2 chapsticks in my purse (I just counted).

  12. Alison

    I always seem to end up with holes in my wallet, so I spray change whenever I walk.

    But fortunes…I can’t throw em away but I don’t like having them in my wallet. Instead, I tape them to the back of my medicne cabinet. I like to pick one to fit my day when I’m brushing my teeth at night. Kind of like a “how did it go today?” wrap up.

  13. Auntie Raina

    I don’t save those little scraps of paper for the fortune…I need the lucky lottery numbers on the back!

  14. Merry Magpie

    I always leave the fortunes in my wallet. My favorite is “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.” I wonder if the paramedics or who ever finds my body will find that one funny? I know I will..

  15. Shannon White

    On an unrelated note… Please, please with sugar on top- give us some ideas about gifts for a 40th birthday. My husband is turning 40 next month and I have gift ideas block. He needs an amazing gag gift as well as something special.

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