Living For The Now

12th May 2008

Rae: Have you seen that photo of the guy with the tattoo of the cat’s butt hole where his belly button is?
Me: What? No! is that a real thing?
Rae: Oh yes. Yes it is.
Me: He didn’t give a fuck about tomorrow, man.
Rae: Yeah. He wasn’t really thinking about later that afternoon.

67 thoughts on “Living For The Now

  1. Brandi

    I had an ultrasound on Friday and pissed off the tech because I was so squirmy any time he came even close to my belly button. That tattoo is my worst nightmare!

  2. Jan

    1. gross
    2. tasteless
    3. disturbing
    4. declasse’
    5. one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time and I am so sharing it with a couple of tattoo-lovin’ friends immediately!

  3. jocelyn

    I used to feel bad about my belly button. I’m feeling pretty okay about it now.

  4. Lindaloohoo

    i’m thinkin’ that guy doesn’t get much of #5 from your previous list . . .
    unless, well, unless there is some underground fetish of people who like to have their face buried in cat’s ass. kinda like those people who dress up like horses, with bridles and saddles and ride each other around an arena. in the open. in front of others.
    but i digress.

  5. superblondgirl

    The worst thing about it is how REAL it looks. Like it could shit on you at any moment. It makes me queasy to look at, but I keep looking anyway. Car wreck-like.

  6. Manager Mom

    OK – I knew that was a belly button, and I still nearly blew chunks.

    Quite a catch, that fellow. what lucky lady does his laundry?

  7. Daniel

    I knew a guy in the Marine Corps who had a picture of a reclining naked woman tattooed on his belly. Leggs splayed belly button turned into a huge gaping vagina.

  8. alison

    Man, that cat looks MAD to have his back door exposed–as a real cat would probably be.

    It seems that if you were in charge of your own tattoo, you’d get to make the cat at least look pleasant.

    …and here I am trying to apply logic to the guy who got a cat’s ass tattooed on his stomach.

  9. Dean-Ryan Stone

    Well *I* liked it. Reminds me of the Elmer Fudd butt tattoo with the gun pointing at the guy’s chocolate starfish. I think the caption was “I know you’re in there, wabbit!”

  10. Nicole

    what makes it even more grotesque is the coloring around his belly button – it looks like an a-hole that he didn’t clean properly . . . and the hair . . . . oh my god . . . the hair . . .

  11. Ms. Karen

    Hm, I don’t think he’ll have to worry about showing that to his grandchildren. I’d bet the odds of him even getting someone to have his CHILDREN are pretty damn slim.

    In fact, I’m guessing that is the closest he’ll EVER be to having any kind of pussy.

  12. Nicole

    he probably got the idea when someone told him, “hey, your bellybutton looks like a cat’s bung hole” . . . and a light bulb briefly appeared over his head (and his beer-dispenser helmet), and now he’s so proud of it he shows it off at nascar rallies, walking around topless. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also had a half shirt, or a hat, that said ‘pet my kitty’.

  13. Sethonious

    I REALLY like the fact that this guy is wearing budwiser underwear as well. Man, he is just 100% class.

  14. hi kooky

    Clever meets revolting with a little “I’m still 13” thrown in. Is it just me, or does it look like he smeared on a brown-ish substance for effect? Vegemite, perhaps?

    I am horrified by the image, yet fascinated to think that anyone (including the tattoo artist who complied) would consider this a good idea, even for a nanosecond.

  15. shannon b.

    Hmmm…my thought when seeing this photo was that maybe he was trying to make light of a really tragic belly button. That thing is not pretty, so maybe he made a joke of it so that he would be less emabarassed by it. Mission accomplished? I don’t know.

  16. Kem Moseley

    What do you say to someone who does something like this? Do you even want to talk to them? Unless you are writing a book on total D BAGS and JERKS, this guy is of no interest to the human population. If you are thinking about the butt of a cat, so much so to tattoo it on your self in such a manner, help is the only thought the people around him should be thinking. For themselves and for him.

    Total candidate for United Stated Government on this one. Then off to the Loony bin.

  17. Tonya

    You know, we have three cats and I really really like them. But I also really really hate their exposed butts. This guy seems like a real stand up fella. Like someone you might meet at a bar and enjoy “accidently” spilling your beer on.

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  19. Fat Doctor

    Referred to this post by Hi Kooky. As a physician, I’m used to seeing disgusting stuff. Reeeeeeeeally disgusting stuff. But this just may take the cake.

  20. Nicole

    god I can’t stop looking at it . . . and there’s something clumped in his hair that makes it look like a dingleberry

  21. Amy

    nicole, your comment about picking his bellybutton has me practically hiding under my desk right now in hysterical, teary laughter. maggie, thanks for the day-brightener. i’m going to go hurl now.

  22. fredlet

    “Clever meets revolting with a little “I’m still 13″ thrown in. Is it just me, or does it look like he smeared on a brown-ish substance for effect? Vegemite, perhaps?”
    Hi Kooky…yeah, I thought it looked a little… umm…enhanced as well.

    13 year olds represent!

  23. Wooderson

    Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they’re gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N and nothing says L-I-V-I-N like a belly button cat ass tattoo.

  24. Kayla

    This is the grossest thing I have ever seen. Really, truly awful. And I am terribly scared of cats. This doesn’t help at all.

  25. jen gray

    god, this makes me uncomfortable. thank god felines have better sense than to ink themselves up with a sketch of a human’s ass.

  26. Leila

    wait, am I the only person who thinks this is hilarious and, in its own weird way, awesome? if I said “lighten up, people,” would that seem rude? The fact that the tattoo provokes such strong reactions is testament in itself.

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