You Know Who You Are

Excellent dialogue from my friend’s four-year-old daughter, Isabel:

When playing with a toy harmonica, elbows akimbo–
“All right everybody! Let’s hear one for the briiiide!”

When coaxing the dog to chase you–
“C’mon, doggie! Chase me! C’mon doggie! You wanna piece of me, doggie? You wanna piece of me?!”

When encouraging the dog to obtain a cookie traped inside his hollow toy–
“Get it, doggie! Eat it! You know who you are! You know what you want! EAT IT!”

15 thoughts on “You Know Who You Are

  1. She will have the run of her schools, and legions of followers. She will be a force to be reckoned with.


  2. I was thinking guidance counselor, personally (although I had a particularly perky one…).


  3. OMG! I just laughed out loud so very hard… And I am hiding in the office off of the children’s room at my library… People must think there is a crazy person locked up in here! (Though, I suppose they would be right!)


  4. I love how little kids are great cheerleaders. Mine always says “You can do it mommy! I know you can!” or “Great job, mommy!” or “Use your muscles mommy, you can reach it!”


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