Insight fron an 8 Year Old

My niece and nephew come to visit for a weekend, and we spend a day on the town.

Me: Hey, do you want to go into that comic book store across the street?
Trevor: Comic book stores are kind of scary.
Me: Really? Why?
Trevor: Because the people in there are weird.
Emma: Really weird.
Me: What do you mean?
Trevor: Like, did you ever see Napoleon Dynomite?
Me: Yeah.
Trevor: They’re all like that, except in real life.
Me: Really?
Trevor: Yeah. And they’re saying things like, ‘My rhombut defeats your algorph.’ It’s really weird.

13 thoughts on “Insight fron an 8 Year Old

  1. yeah, my uncle is one of those weird, scary guys. really weird. really scary. but without the humor of Napoleon Dynamite.

    tell you niece & nephew to stay away. far away.


  2. my son is a comic book store junkie at the ripe ol’ age of 9. peet’s coffee is right across the street. lucky for me and for him.


  3. AWWW…don’t tell Trevor, but I worked at a comic book store when I was 16. There used to be a FAMILY of Napolean Dynamites in there every week (father, mother, two sons). Then my co-worker told me they were nudists.

    I’d say Trevor’s instincts are pretty much right on.


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