Hot and Not

24th October 2005

-What goes good with the cider?

-Scotch. Or the Maker’s is good too.

-No brown booze. That was the first thing I got sick on, and now I can’t touch it.

-That’s probably for the best.

-I don’t know. I wish I could drink it, it’s kind of a cool-chick thing.

-Eh. I think it can be one of those girls who like things boys want them to like situations. Like, Oh, I almost prefer butt sex.

-Bikini waxes? After the first few times, you barely even feel it!


-Comic books.

-BMX racing.

-Action flicks.

-Video games.

-Making out with other straight chicks.

-I actually love stilettos. I think they can be comfortable once you’ve found the right maker for your foot.

-I don’t really like other women though. They sort of see through my whole deal.

-I just have trouble trusting them.