Milk Shake Etymology

12th October 2005

Scenario: Bryan’s extended family has rented a houseboat for a day trip, and the captain puts on a party mix. The kids are sitting on the upper deck drinking microbrews when the speakers start blasting Milk Shake by Kelis.

-Oh, man. Did you see her on Saturday Night Live?


-They turned the music all the way up just to drown her out.

-And it’s not like the song has notes or anything.

-What does milk shake even mean?


-Actually, I think it’s the way you’re shaking or something.

-No, she said in an interview that it was the way you carry yourself.

-I’m pretty sure it’s boobs.

-No, really, I looked it up online.

-That makes sense, because she has no boobs.

-This conversation, I mean this whole situation, is like a comedy sketch about white people.