International Travel

20th September 2005

-So I the only vaccination I have left is Hep B, but there’s yeast in it, which I’m allergic to. So I have to get a note from my allergist saying they can give it to me.

-How do you get Hep B?

-That’s the thing, it’s like, body fluid exchange. I don’t plan on engaging in a lot of that.


-But apparently you can get it by, like, sharing someone’s toothbrush or razor. Though I also don’t plan to approach random strangers and ask them for their toothbrush.

-True, and it’s not likely someone is going to come up and spit in your mouth.

-You never know.

-That might be a local custom.

– Right. You’re in some remote little town, surrounded by a group of angry villagers who are offended that you won’t engage in the local custom of spitting in each others mouths as a friendly greeting.

-But I didn’t get my shots!

-They’re all screaming, Spit in my mouth! Spit in my mouth!

-You’re cursing the guidebook authors.

-Spit in my mouth! The gods will be angry!