If He Comes Home With a Wizzard HAt, I’m Out

30th August 2005

Bryan: So, you’re never going to read the new Harry Potter book, right?

Me: No.

Bryan: So I can tell you about it?

Me: Mmmm. Is this the part where you try to get me to discuss Harry Potter?

Bryan: Yes.

Me: Please don’t make me discuss Harry Potter with you. Please?

Bryan: Aw, come on.

Me: Seriously, baby. It’s the anti-aphrodisiac.

Bryan: It’s just a really interesting book.

Me: Remember how I don’t want to talk about this?

Bryan: She seems to be writing for her audience as it grows up. There are these really amazing scenes where

Maggie: No! Not sexy! I know you’d like to have sex again one day, and I love you so. Please don’t make me talk about this.

Bryan: OK. (Hangs head.)

Me: Oh, I’m a bitch. (sigh) Tell me all about Harry Potter.

Bryan: OK! So Harry find this book of spells