Million-Dollar Idea

25th July 2005

Walking along the beach, we see four little girls frantically digging a hole on the edge of the surf. When a wave washes in, filling the hole, they squeal in dismay, and then redouble their efforts.

Me: What is it with kids digging futile holes in the sand when they know the water is just going to rush in? I must have done that a thousand times when I was little.

Bryan: (announcer voice) Since the dawn of time, children have battled the sea. Will the kids emerge victorious today, or will their small hopes be dashed yet again, against these rocky shores?

Ev: We should do a kid sports channel.

Bryan: That would be awesome! The announcers would have to be really serious.

Me: (announcer voice) If you look closely, Bob, Timmy’s lower lip is just beginning to quiver. Around mid-field he tends to turn away from the play and seek guidance from the goalie, as you may recall from the Beaver Park game in 04. Let’s see if history repeats.

Ev: I think we’ve really got something here.