The Mighty Hath Fallen

7th July 2005

Sorry for the brief interruption of service, I was busy. Busy with pain. I thought it was food poisoning, but it turned out to have been some sort of virus. The sort of virus that makes you wonder, disinterestedly, whether your insides may have liquefied.

Still, because we had barbecued ribs and strawberry shortcake at our Fourth of July picnic, and I awoke at 1:30 a.m. to revisit a less-appetizing version of said meal, I’m currently feeling bitter toward those foodstuffs. I’m ignoring them for a while, say several years, until they’ve learned their lesson.

(You know what sounds good though? Weak herbal tea and saltines. Mmmmm hmmmm!)

Actually, despite being mostly immobile for the last two days, I awoke feeling pretty damn good. Fine, in fact. The contrast is so great that I feel like doing something incredibly productive. Painting the apartment! Lining up all of our shoes and shining them until they gleam! Showering!