Trading Your eye for Mine

7th April 2005

In conversation with the cab driver, the subject turns to crime.

Me: There seems to be a lot less crime in this area lately.

Cabbie: No. I been robbed twice.

Me: Really?

Cabbie: Yeah. Two times with knife.

Me: Oh no! What happened?

Cabbie: Nothing. Guys just wanted my money.

Me: That’s terrible! Were you hurt?

Cabbie: No, no.

Me: Did they both get away?

Cabbie: Oh sure! But one of them, he run in front of my car and I hit him. Stupid asshole.

Me: You hit him with the cab?

Cabbie: Yeah. He take my money, I hit him. Broke his leg good.

Me: Whoa! Did you get your money back?

Cabbie: No way! He had a knife.

Me: So you just drove away?

Cabbie: Yeah. He rob me, he get what he deserved.