Internet Friends

5th August 2004

In Boston, Jessica and Melanie invited me to drinks at Delux. I’d never met or corresponded with either of them, but I was a little lonely in a new city, and I needed a drink. We had my first conversation in weeks that didn’t touch on the VP nominee, CNN, or swing states. Mostly we talked about books and boys and how the two had crossed our paths at various points.

For me, meeting writers has sometimes been a let down. They often seem less witty, less kind, or more neurotic than I imagined. This may be why I’ve never offered to meet readers when I’m traveling, I’m afraid of seeing the disappointment in their dear reader faces. It’s quite possible, after all, that one of them could turn to me and say, “You’re kind of boring, and much less attractive than I expected.”

Neither Melanie nor Jessica said that, which was really rather sweet of them, and made me much more open to meeting readers who don’t seem to be knife-wielding sorts. Thanks for the drink, ladies.