That One Lady

24th June 2004

I go downstairs to take my security photo. The result is not flattering. The security guy looks it over.

SG: You know, I’m sure you hear this all the time. You look just like that one lady.

Me: … No. Which lady?

SG: The first lady?

Me: Laura Bush?

SG: Nooo! From a long time ago.

Me: (Eleanor Roosevelt? Lady Bird Johnson? Dolley Madison?) Uhh…

SG: You know the one. The president was, like, young? And they had kids? And he got shot?

Me: You mean JFK.

SG: That’s it! You look like the JFK first lady!

Me: Jackie Kennedy.

SG: Yeah! Yeah.

Me: Well, that’s a flattering thing to say to a Democrat.

SG: Yeah. You get that a lot?

Me: Nope.

SG: Well, you look just like that lady.