Brain to Arm

23rd February 2004

As we’re leaving a restaurant, a well-dressed gentleman and his wife block the door. He’s helping his wife with her coat, but when he finishes, he just stands there with his hand on the door.

R: Excuse me.

(Gentleman turns and blinks at her slowly.)

R: Excuse me?

(Gentleman may have had one too many mojiotos over dinner. R moves his hand from the door and opens it so we can leave.)

M: He was looped.

R: Yeah, that was weird. He obviously heard me.

M: He just wasn’t sure what to do about it.

R: Brain to arm. Come in arm.

B: This is arm, over.

M: I need you to move the door.

B: (drunken slur) Don’t you tell meee what to do.
Why are you alwaysh telling me what to do?

R: Exactly. “I’m not gonna move the door. In fact, I’m gonna give this woman the finger!”

M: So that’s how that works.