Pulitzer Shortlist

6th January 2004

From a November article in GQ, by Rory Evans:

“…Compared to the other men in Hollywood’s 18-to-34-year-old bin, [Colin Farrell] does seem like the most compelling character. Leonardo DiCaprio drives a car that runs on batteries. Josh Hartnett lives in St. Paul, and Ben Affleck is supposedly sober. Farrell, in contrast, rents a whatever car, has fathered a child without getting roped into marriage (his son was born to model Kim Bordenave in September), likes to get laid and, even better, likes to talk about it–a lot.”

So, to break this down, Mr./Ms. Evans is against environmentally friendly modes of transportation, the Twin Cities, and sobriety for alcoholics. In the “compelling” category you’ll find, “whatever cars,” men who are unable to land a model even when they’ve managed to impregnate her, and people who like discussing sex–a lot.