Go Maggie

21st October 2003

It’s my birthday! I turn twenty-eight this year. It’s been a very good year. Let’s celebrate with a little bitta Leslie Harpold.

Go read Leslie’s very short essays. Three of my favorites are excerpted and linked below.


To the woman who leapt out in front of me on Houston Street and jumped into the cab I had hailed, looking over her shoulder at me, saying “Survival of the fittest, sorry!” as she climbed in:

Fuck you. That was just rude.

“On Being Good”

“I am going to grab you by the collar, push my lips to your ear and whisper in my most murderous tone “I am not only a good girl I am the best good girl there is.”

“Fifty Things I Did Not Do This Weekend

“7. Build a model railroad to scale. I also did not build one not to scale.”