15th October 2003

From Eurotrash, excerpts from “Other targets of my random hate:”

  • “Hoboken sorority sisters who assume the entire bastard subway carriage is like, rilly rilly interested in their gym routine every morning and consquently turn on their internal megaphones just so we don’t miss a single ear-splitting nasally-mangled word on the way into work.
  • Men on the PATH train who imagine their sexual organs are so large they have to spread their legs wide enough to mash me into the next side of tomorrow and take up three seats…
  • People who want to talk to me on aeroplanes.
  • Men with long hair who play the guitar at parties and the girls who sit at their feet, nodding, smiling inanely, hoping for a fuck…
  • Families of five from Idaho in matching shorts and windcheaters who get off the subway train and then fan out, blocking the entire platform while they work out which fucking country they’re in and which way is it to Disneyland.”