Stuff I Learned from Reading

17th September 2003

  • How to figure out when it’s your dream. From O Magazine‘s interview with Salma Hayek:Salma Hayek: …This is one thing I learned: How do you recognize what is your true dream and what is the dream that you are dreaming for other people to love you?

    Oprah: How?

    SH: The difference is very easy to understand. If you enjoy the process, it’s your dream.

    O: Correct.

    SH: If you are enduring the process, just desparate for the result, it’s somebody else’s dream.

  • I want to read Common Shock by Kaethe Weingarten. O‘s book reviewer describes the premise like this: “In a society rampant with binary thinking–good versus evil, us versus them–how do we move toward understanding and forgiveness of those who are different? How do we hold onto hope and let go of fear?”
  • I’ve been watching too much T.V. Painter Robert Henri says, “You can do anything you want to do. What is rare is this actual wanting to do a certain thing: wanting it so much that you are practically blind to all other things, that nothing else will satisfy you.”
  • North Koreans are living in an Orwell novel. From this week’s New Yorker, “Alone in the Dark” by Philip Gourevitch:”Pyongyang is North Korea’s model city, full of model schools and model hospitals and model people: residence is reserved for the Party’s chosen, the political and military elite, the commissars and cadres and their most faithful followers, and the population is regularly cleansed of those deemed ideologically lax, as well as the old, the sick, the disfigured, and the lame, who are banished to the provinces and replaced by a fresh crop of loyalists.”