You Shall Know Our Velocity

9th September 2003

I’ve been sick for a week. This gave me a chance to finish Dave Eggers’s latest book. I also watched several episodes of “Newlyweds” the new MTV reality series. If you have some spare time, allow me to recommend the book. My favorite parts:

“Passing a middle-aged couple in matching jackets:

–You two need to change.

–What? Why? the middle aged couple said, to my head, in my head.

–Because you are wearing the same jacket.

–We bought them while on vacation in Newport.

–You must be hidden from view.

–The jackets are nice.

–They are not nice. You must change to save us all.”

“–You, on the motorcycle.


–It’s only a matter of time.

–I know.”

“I would know that in any city, at an hour like this, there are people sleeping. That most people are sleeping. But that in any city, in any cluster of people, there are a few people who are awake at this hour, who are both awake and dancing, and it’s here that we need to be.”