Adventures in Grocery Shopping

30th July 2003

The man in front of the beer display has his arms folded in front of him, genie style, forearms parallel with the floor. He mumbles something, and then gives a hard blink and a quick nod at the beer. It’s an eerily familiar “I Dream of Jeannie” imitation. At first I think he must be joking around with a friend, but when I look behind me I realize we’re the only two in the aisle. That guy really wants some beer.

In other news, did you know they make fat-free half-and-half now? How does it still count as half-and-half if there’s no fat in it? I mean, the whole point of half-and-half is to reduce your yummy heavy-cream intake (by half) without losing the yummy heavy cream entirely. If you take away the cream, what the hell is the other half? I have been thinking about this since yesterday.