Then the Old News

7th July 2003

I’ve abandoned you, my pals. Over the last month, life has kept me incredibly busy, but I’ve had little access to the Internet. Now–for the first time in years–I have no record of my foibles and triumphs, which bites. And so, to recap, in the last month we:

  • Flew North Carolina for Rosecrans and Rachel’s fabulous wedding.
  • Took a beautiful road trip up to New York.
  • Flew to Milan, Italy for the Adaptive Path workshop.
  • Vacationed in Tuscany for a week with a group of lovely people.
  • Flew back to New York so that I could meet with book agents and publishers (!) and visit our East Coast friends.
  • Drove to Connecticut for Josh and Kayla’s fabulous wedding.
  • Flew home to San Francisco.

We’re jet setters, baby. I’ll post the juicy details as we go along. Thanks, as always, for checking back in with me and for your emails while we were on the road. I missed you guys.