Day Hike

1st June 2003

Me: Which way should we go?

Ali: Let me check the map.

(Older male jogger appears on the trail.)

Me: Excuse me. Which trail leads back to the trailhead?

Him: Heh. You ever seen Deliverance?

Me: Yes.

Him: “You’re a long ways from home son.”

Me: Huh.

Him: I’m thinking of that toothless guy.

(Ali and I exchange glances.)

Me: Do you know which way leads to the trailhead?

Him: Yep. You take the trail on the left, cross a bridge, it’ll fork off to the right, but you don’t wanna go that way. Just keep going straight.

Ali: Thanks.

Him: No problem.

(He hesitates, then jogs off.)

Me: Yeah. Word to the wise, fella. When you come across two women alone in the woods, the Deliverance jokes aren’t gonna make an entirely favorable impression.

Ali: Seriously.

Me: Is my pocketknife in the pack?

Ali: I think so.

Me: I’m just gonna grab that.