They’ve Gone Wild

16th December 2002

Me: Have you seen any of these “Girls Gone Wild” videos?

B: It’s all these women showing their boobs, and then every ten minutes or so, the guy filming says (monotone voice), “They’ve gone wild.”

Me: It’s hilarious, he’s totally deadpan, no inflection whatsoever. That poor guy needs a new job, he’s seen one too many pairs of boobs.

E: I heard that stuff was fake, that they bring in strippers.

J: No. Remember? That one girl sued and won.

Me: They actually do bring in strippers. I just read a really interesting article about it. They bring in the strippers and get them to do stuff that wouldn’t ordinarily happen out in public. Then the other girls get more comfortable with it, because of the group-mentality thing. They jump in, and the strippers move out of the camera frame.

E: Really? Smart.

Me: Chilling.

E: Yeah, but smart.

B: I’m just saying

E: Yeah. I’m just saying it’s smart.

B: I’m just saying, “mental note.”