Urban Lit

20th November 2002

Me: Did you hear the guy behind us reciting his poetry to that poor girl?

Him: Yeah. That was terrible.

Me: (Haughty-Poet voice)“I recite rather well. Would you like to hear something?”

Him: (Beat-Poet voice) “This poem is entitled “Unremarkable Poem.” You can tell it is a poem because I am reading it like this.”

Me: “The moon flying high in the sky.”

Him: “The heroin and crack dealers flying on the streets.”

Me: “Political corruption flying all around us. Lame white alley cat flying in my lap.”


Me: We totally just made fun of a homeless guy.

Him: He wasn’t homeless.

Me: Yes he was. He asked the girl if she could help him out when he was done reciting to her.

Him: That doesn’t mean he’s homeless.

Me: We’re going to hell.