14th October 2002

Driving in silence.

B: What are you thinking about, my darling?

Me: Art.

B: Oh.

Me: What are you thinking about?

B: Chips.

Me: Ha!

B: Heh.

Me: I’m smarter than you.

The next morning.

B: Ow. Be careful.

Me: What?

B: I have bruise right there from giving platelets.

Me: Uck! Uck!

B: It’s not a big deal.

Me: Blehhhh. That’s a yucky, sensitive place to have a bruise.

B: You’d put up with a bruise there if you could help, like, four people by just giving blood.

Me: Uck! Uck! I have to think about puppy dogs and rainbows now.

B: Why don’t you think about art?

Me: Ha! Punk.