Would That I Had Been a Badass

6th May 2002

When I was fifteen, I was scouting the most advantageous lunch spot on the quad. I also spent a lot of time on my hair. I’ve got eleven years on Katie, and she’s still cooler than me. She says:

april 30 2002

Final proof that there’s no such thing as god, and also wishes don’t come true:

Today in the hallway Steven Fuckhead said “HI KATIE” to me and all his friends who were standing around laughed, so obviously he wasn’t hit by a bus and ground into little pieces like I asked.

april 25 2002

A funny joke:

Ed: I say old chap, knocke knocke!

Fred: Wha? Hullo, who might that be?

Ed: WHy I dare say it’s “orange” my good man!

Fred: Well I never. “Orange?” you say? “Orange” whom?

Ed: “Orange” you glad I’m only going to stab you in ONE of your eyes? Ah ha!

Fred: Dear me!

ps. This joke is funny because they have british accents

(via Anil)