12th November 2001


Sign in a shop window on my walk home: “Interested in cheese classes? Inquire within!!!” And the sad truth? I’m totally interested in cheese classes.

5:12 p.m.


Creepy missed connections ad on Craigslist:

” Do you live above the AMC theaters on Van Ness? (Across the street) Can you see me looking at you? Just WAVE…”

Enchanting, no? Especially that last bit, with the insistent “WAVE” in all upper caps. Who writes something like that expecting to get a date? “What’s that you say, delightful thing? You’ve been watching me? Well, how quaint. I don’t even know you, and you’ve already seen me naked. Rather amusing when you think about it. It really is so difficult to meet new people in the City, what with all the crazies about. Do come over for coffee.”

In other news, a smashingly titled event from the entertainment section:

11/17-18: womens art faire this weekend 17th & 18th: ‘OVARIA’ (emeryville)

11:45 a.m.